Top ten likes for April!

Hello May! It’s been such a beautiful day here in Tampa, I had to resist being cooped up inside. Let’s start!

1. LORDE CONCERT. I REPEAT… LORDE CONCERT! Lorde was phenomenal and one of my favorite artist. I couldn’t believe how genuine and adorable she was! I danced and sang to most of her songs out loud and for being an introvert, that is already saying a lot! Lorde made the whole audience feel special and she was amazing!

2. eBay selling- I started selling on eBay again. It’s been about three years the last time I sold items on eBay and about nine years before that. I found a lot of stuff laying around the house and figured why not sell them on ebay? It’s obviously not making me enough money to quit my job, but it is paying for my coffee without feeling any guilt.

3. Painted one wall in our dining room- I love a good accent wall. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and even had the bucket of paint sitting out in our dinning room to paint. I couldn’t have made it more easier for me… but of course, I procrastinate and it only took me about two months to finally do this project that literally took about an hour.

4. Apothecary items- I like this style. Not so much the price, so I turned our wine bottle into a simple, decorative piece of art by wrapping hemp cord around it. I also purchased a small slab of wood at ikea for about $5 and voila! It’s an apothecary dinning room décor at fraction of the cost. Ha!

5. Catan- this is a board game that my sister and brother-in-Law got me hooked on! It’s bad enough that I also play it on the app. It’s basically a strategy game, which I enjoy. It’s a mix between monopoly and risk and there’s trading involve and a few ways to win the game! It’s great! Check it out!

6. Potty training my son- it’s coming along great! He understands the concept and he is interested in potty training! Always a plus and a win for me! The end is near for purchasing diapers.

7. Riverwalk- The riverwalk here in Tampa is awesome. My family and I enjoy walking up and down the riverwalk. I even started running on the riverwalk too! Fun outdoor adventure!

8. Ready Player One- this Steven Spielberg film was awesome. Not a huge gamer, but this movie was non-stop action and adventure suitable for all ages.

9. Snobachi- It’s an ice cream place in Ybor city where your ice cream looks like art! So delicious! I got the “Get s’mored” ice cream.

10. The Five Love Language- great book! Oldie but goodie. After realizing what love language my husband and I are were, we have been doing everything we can to keep each other even MORE happier.

May is already treating me wonderful and it’s only the 6th. Have a lovely one!

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