Thoughts: The Minimalist Podcast

For the next few weeks, in between other blog entries, I will be sharing some of the podcasts that I have been listening to that I feel would add some value to your every day life. From self-help podcast to mystery podcast, I will share how I feel about them and what has each podcast brought to the table. 

So let’s begin!!!

The first podcast that I will be sharing is the The Minimalist. I binged listen for two weeks to finish and I’m finally caught up! I was over a year late into the party when I started listening, but was instantly hooked after episode one! 

This became my go-to podcast and one of the reasons why I started this blog and how I’ve transitioned into becoming a minimalist. Josh and Ryan, the hosts of the show, are two childhood best friends who now live in Missoula, Montana, originally from Dayton, Ohio. 

Their weekly discussion talks about living their lives as minimalists. They share essays from their site as well as tips, advise and a thing or two on what they believe has added value to their lives and will share with their listeners. 

They have paved the way for people like me to realize that there are other templates in life that we could choose from which doesn’t involve keeping up with the Jones’. I have learned a lot from them and my life has truly changed for the better! 

They are currently on a tour this year called ‘Less is Now’ and I am hoping to go this December when they come to Tampa! Josh and Ryan are also co-owners of this coffee shop in St. Petersburg, Florida called Bandit Coffee, co. I went there once a few weeks ago and met the owners who seem very kind! Not to mention, the coffee was indeed delicious too! 

I recommend this podcast for anyone interested in becoming a minimalist. They also have a documentary out on Netflix called Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things. I have also read their book Everything That Remains and it has opened my eyes which behooved me to start a blog!

 Without this simple, yet life changing lifestyle, I think I would have been drowning in consumer debt! 

Feel free to share any podcasts that you would like to recommend! I hope this was informative and helpful! I have plenty more podcasts in the upcoming weeks to come, so stay tune! 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message in any of my social media platform! 

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