Thoughts: S-Town Podcast

S-Town was announced while I was listening to This American Life and Serial podcasts a few months ago. All seven episodes (chapters) came out at once and bam!  I binged listened to the whole thing the day it came out! 

I will not say much about this podcast due to any spoiler, but the production value is phenomenal! This is about a man name John B, who contacted one of the reporters from podcast This American Life, Brian Reed, about his home town in Woodstock, Alabama and how a murder had happened andwill need to solved. He also explains how the town he lives in should be called Shit Town, hence the name of the podcast.  It then gets crazy interesting after chapter one. Host of the show, Brian Reed does an amazing job by telling this true story very well!

 I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in a little suspense to their day. Each episode that went by had me on the edge of my seat, wanting to find out more! Truly a great listen! If you like This American Life and Serial, you will like this too!

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