Story Time: How I became a part time reseller.

Hey there!

How are things going with you in the resell world? It’s going so well for me. I can’t get enough of it! Come July will be my one year as a part time reseller. The minute I started, I got hooked! Over two years ago, before my husband, son and I moved, we decided not to bring in clutter and start off fresh in our new home. It got a little out of hand to the point where the donation pile started to over flow a bit with some valuable things that were worth reselling. Didn’t think anything of it, so off to goodwill it went.

Flash forward to last April 2018. At this point, the clutter came back and spring cleaning was in full effect once again. Decluttering toys, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc was my therapy. It felt great setting aside items that we no longer found value or needed, knowing it was going to a good home, but even better… it was off our hair and our home was once again clutter free.

During the time I was decluttering, I realized that some high end items that I had own was worth reselling rather than giving away. It was practically brand new, for Pete’s sake! I had an inactive poshmark account since 2015, so I decided to pull it back up and give it another shot. I sold a few items of my own back in October 2015 when I was about seven months pregnant and pretty much gave everything away for a steal. Yes, I kind of regret it now, and yes it was a lesson I learned.

eBay, I’ve had since 2006. I never sold anything on it prior to April 2018, I’ve only purchased. Mostly candles and kitchen items here and there. Nothing too crazy. Both eBay and poshmark were back in full effect by April with about ten items from my give away box. I instantly heard that “cha-ching” sound about a day after I listed the items. I also sold one more item the next day on poshmark and though “yeah! Coffee money!”

Then after all ten of the items sold with weeks, I decided to look further into this via Pinterest and Instagram and found out this wonderful community on how people around the world do this for a living. I read so many blogs, Instagram stories, YouTube, and even looked into how people are selling their items on different platforms.

I got so overzealous and anxious to start that by July 2018, I had gone thrifting on my lunch break and purchased everything I thought was worth reselling under the sun. Yes, that included Ann Taylor and yes, that included lularoe. I even purchased items without researching them. Again, it was lesson learned for sure! Til now, I still have some of those items and I am selling them for less than what I purchased for. Still hanging on to them! Ha!

Our guest room is now my office with my inventory. It is a cluster in there. I don’t know how I am able to find things, sometimes. It amazes me too! Outside that room, we still continue to keep our home clutter free. So ironic how I consider myself a minimalist, but I resell a bunch of clothes. I personally own less than 20 clothing items. I do love some of the items I purchase, but have total self control. I haven’t personally gone out shopping for myself, since I wear almost the same thing every day.

This community is so inspiring to me! It truly is. I can’t be more humble and more gracious to have this side gig. I am not sure what the future is for me as far as saving up my earnings. I will figure that out when I get to certain point and cross road in my life. I hope this story brings inspiration to anyone out there who has started their reselling journey.

Until then!

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