The race to the end of June is not over! But I am seeing amazing results running towards that finish line. Again, numbers DO NOT LIE. As of today, I am $500 over from my previous amount that I had on May 22. 😳 that is CRAZY! It blew my mind when I was sitting here thinking that this summer slow down has already hit me hard coming into the month of June. Nope! I was gratefully mistaken, my friend.

So here are some tips on what I’ve done so far to stay afloat and maintain my daily sales.

1. Now that poshmark is letting us relist items, do it! It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to relist 10-15 stale items in your closet. Why does this benefit me and you? For one, it’s stale. Let’s just get that out of the way. And B, you have all these likes ❤️ but no bite. Why not get a fresh set of eyes, but also a bump to the top of the search bar for your back by popular demand item? No brainer.

2. Share, share, share, share your closet! Even on my worst sluggish day, I will at least share my closet 3x. I do not have a VA. I do not have my grandma’s neighbor’s neice’s daughter’s friend doing it for me. 😅Although, that would be fantastic! But anyway, share your items! If I could, I would share it at least 10 times a day. IF I could.

3. What’s in your sold items? Go check it out and take account for your best items sold. Yes, items. What are you selling the most? Now that you know, go pick them up at your local thrift store when you get a chance. You will find what works for you. Everyone is different and everyone has something unique to offer to buyers. Don’t feel discouraged.

4. Pack and ship fast! You will have the most heart felt comments and love notes if you do this. Buyers will remember you for not only the fast shipping but also for the quality and price you offered or accepted. What an awesome tri-fecta!

With all this said and done, know that hard work is involved. I steam my clothes, I take photos, I draft each item, I answer questions, I package the item, and of course, I source.

You’ve got this! With so much hard work and tenacity, it’s a guarantee that you will achieve your goal!

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