Restarting My Morning Routine

Hey there! As many of you know, my family and I have finally moved into our newly renovated home and what a fantastic feeling!

It has been a month now and we are down to one large box that belongs to my husband and about two small boxes that are mine, which I will be mostly getting rid of since I seem to careless for it.

With all this moving, unpacking and getting familiar with living in a larger space, I had lost my morning routine groove. I used to wake up, meditate, take my vitamins, write down five things I am grateful for, work out and eat breakfast. Now I just wake up and drink a cup of joe and head to work. I’m lucky if I get any food in my tummy in the a.m.

I didn’t realized how it has affected me until week two. I started to notice how sluggish I’ve been feeling and with even more responsibilities at work, I started to lose focus as well. I was more focus on other things with little to no energy left to take care of myself.

Getting back into a routine may sound easy to others, but it was tough for me. Here are eight simple routines that have worked and will need to get back on it:

  • Go to bed early- simple as that! Going to bed early will start the domino effect into a positive, clearer morning routine.
  • Wash your face- wake up and start your morning routine with a splash of cold water to perk you up a bit!
  • Meditate- meditating can be hard when your mind is cloudy and filled with so many thoughts. I started with five minutes a day again to get back in my groove and will eventually move back up to ten to fifteen minutes a day.
  • Work out- even if it’s for 20 minutes. Get your blood pumped!
  • Hot water with lemon- delicious, simple and good for you! I enjoy drinking hot water with lemon. It always starts off my morning right.
  • Eat breakfast- the healthy kind. A handful of dried cranberries and a few almonds won’t cut it for me. Oatmeal is delicious and good for you.
  • Journal- write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for. This always puts me in a good mood when I write. It releases a lot of the negative energy just by writing a few simple things I’m grateful for.
  • Take a shower and head to work!

Once this morning routine becomes a daily regiment, it’s going to get easier. With that being said, try changing up the work out routine or meditate longer or even adding another task into your daily routine. It won’t always be perfect, but as long as you’re in a positive mood with a clear mindset to start off the rest of your day, then you’re already one step ahead than most! Hope this helps!

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