Phase Two: Away from your phone in the evening

Since I have been spending less time on my phone, I have not been blogging as much! But the show must go on!

It has been easier for me to disconnect with my phone a few more hours a day. At night mostly. Almost the whole evening! 

Again, more time with my son and nephew who have recently started playing together since the age difference is now appropriate. My rambunctious son is almost 16 months and my nephew is almost four years old. Both boys are wild and free and can wear you out to the bone! I definitely get my daily work out when I’m with these two goofballs. 

Going on longer without a phone and challenging myself was easy peasy lemony squeezy! I didn’t have to worry about emails, follow up on my social media platforms, check out the latest gossip on the news media or even browse through Pinterest for “more ideas” on our new home-to-be as I normally would. I didn’t even get FOMO! Why? Because it was all there when I got back. My phone didn’t whisper in my ear (no pun intended) and said: “Hey Sheena! You’re going to miss out on the Facebook, instagram and twitter likes if you don’t check your phone!” 

So absolutely zero issues without technology for a few hours a night. It didn’t kill me! Since my son is only a toddler, I wanted to cherish these moments with him without constantly taking photos of him on my instagram and later realize that I’m deep in my phone liking and browsing through people’s photos when I could have used that time to spend with my son playing, walking to the playground, or even eating a coo coo together! (Cookies! 😉 ) 

That was the mentality that I had and kept telling myself in the beginning when I was feening for my phone! I will thank my son one day for this! It wouldn’t be the first time that he has saved my life. 

At night, after my son is put down for bed, I get on my phone for a little bit and browse. By then, I am exhausted from my evening and seriously have no energy to continue being on my phone. I catch up on some reading on my iBook app and then call it night! I enjoyed reading this children’s book called “Wonder” by R.J Palacio. Such a well written children’s book for truly any age genre! 

I didn’t get a chance to do any yoga or meditation this week. I am hoping to do that next week as I continue to manage my time properly without my phone attached to my back pocket!

I have so much to dish out on my next blog and will soon start blogging a few times a week! Being a mommy is not easy and blogging from time to time is such a privilege, that I don’t take it for granted one bit. I enjoy writing and hope that you find value in each and every one of my blog post!

I hope this was informative and helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message in any of my social media platform! 

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