Path to Minimalism

Minimalist was not what I thought I’d become one year ago. I never really gave myself a specific “category” or “type” of person I am. After two years of dating, my husband and I decided to move in together early 2015. I didn’t realize that I had a lot of stuff until I moved in with him. I lived on my own for a year and I must have been blind but didn’t see it until I combined my items with my husband’s. Later into the months, I started to notice the items that had been sitting in our closet was just…. well, sitting there! I had to do something about it. Especially since decluttering anything and everything made me happy. I was not a clean freak, but clean always made me happy.

About a year later in early 2016, after our son was born, we decided to move back to our home town three hours away. The plan was to purchase a home, move in and begin our lives as a brand new family. What we ended up doing was purchasing a fixer upper home and moving in with my parents temporarily while our home is under constructions from tile to roof.

During our stay at my parents, I started to feel a little bit overwhelmed with the items we had for three people in this tiny room we were staying in. The storage unit we were renting did not have anymore room for these unwanted items I had been wanting to get rid of forever.

That was when I stumbled upon the minimalists, Joshua and Ryan from I’ve read several of their essays, which are blog posts and even started listening to their podcast. I also read their book Everything that Remains. It was mind blowing to me that I had always been a minimalist and never realized it. Minimalism to me felt right. It was conforting to know that there were communities all around us with the same belief and values that I had completely agreed with.

I ended up donating at least five large bag of clothes over the past few months. Toys, old high school stuff I didn’t need, clothes, pictures, anything and everything I can sell and donate. Thanks to online selling, I was able to sell plenty more of my gently used items.

My son has plenty of toys that he plays with and I do not really touch his toys or get rid of them yet until he outgrows them. He has plenty of clothes that I try to keep up with but gave up on because he is just growing too fast and going through each of his clothes once a month was better than going through it once a week. We hand his clothes down to his cousins and the ones that are not good enough to be passed down to anyone, we throw them away, unfortunately.

My husband understands that I am now a minimalist, but tells me that I don’t seem like it with the stuff I still have laying around. Each of the items, he says I have, I use though, each of them serves a purpose. I don’t own a clutter full of make up, lotions and potions, but it’s a few that I use daily. My husband has minimal clothing like me, but not by choice. He just doesn’t have that much clothes. Also, he and I hardly shop for clothes.

What I love about minimalism, is that you can create your own recipe designed to your lifestyle. Enjoying life  and what you have in front of you is truly what it’s all about with the extra bonus of owning things that you will truly use. There is no right or wrong about it! It just has a new meaning to what adds value to your day to day grind.

So, our home will be completed in a few weeks after waiting for almost a year. I am excited to move in with only a few boxes and be completely happy. Materialistic things are not important to me. Family to me is what’s important. I enjoy every second of it as opposed to showing off my latest gadgets to people or flaunting the latest outfit of the week. Yes, I admit it, I was once “that” girl. But if anyone ever continues to be that way, they are going to chase this path forever. I am happy to pause and smile and be grateful, humble and appreciative with what is already in front of me. Family and close friends that care about me and vise versa.

I also want to assure everyone, that I respect everyone’s outlook and lifestyle. This is not to discourage anyone who is the polar opposite of minimalism. I know plenty of people who enjoy owning the finest things in life but can still stay absolutely humble and appreciative with what they have. Keeping up with Jones’ may be a way of living,  but it is not THE way of living.

I hope this was informative and helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message in any of my social media platform!

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