30 Minutes away from your phone

I spent one week away from my phone for 30 minutes. Can you do it? Can you start off with just 30 minutes a day for a week without counting down the seconds to reconnect back with your phone?
Spending 30 minutes to just unplug from the social media is not only gratifying, but it’s also good for the soul! Can you commit to this 30 minute phone free challenge? 

Between 6-7pm is when I’m on my phone the most! It’s after I get home from a long day and it’s before dinner. 7-10 I’m feeding my son, giving him a bath, playing with him, reading him a book or two and then putting him down to bed by 9-9:30 and between all this, with any given chance that I get, I manage to get on my phone like glue! Then the full time cycle starts over from 9:30-11pm, sometimes 11:30-12am! 
Ok- I have to admit: this was difficult at first and I did lose the challenge. It was my drug! I needed my phone.. NOW! So on Monday I failed the challenge from 6-6:30. I lasted 15 minutes! I started over from 6:35-7:05 and I barely made it! I watched the clock on the wall (sadly not my phone) as the big hand made it to that 5! 

Tuesday was not so bad because I ended up distracting myself with a book to read which I ended up finishing by Friday. I survived the set time of 6-6:30 and more! 

I read “We’re all damaged” by Matthew Norman. It was very engaging which distracted me from grabbing my phone to check Pinterest and instagram (my two go to apps!) 
Wednesday through Friday I lasted one hour without my phone. I went for walks with my son, watched my husband fish, had an awesome conversation with my mom and my sisters face to face! (Yes, this still exist!) I also sat in silence which literally cleared my mind!

At one point, I thought I lost my phone, but surprisingly did not panic like an overdramatic teenager that I am sometimes. 

So can you handle this? Share something that you’ve sacrificed and what you did to accomplish your end goal! I’m moving on to phase two (I’d like to call it) and trying two hours without my phone. Let’s hear it folks! 

Stress Festival

When you’re trying to make the most of your day, but this huge domino effect of unwanted stress meddles in and takes a toll on you… what do you do? 

Laundry hasn’t been done yet and honestly, I have no idea when it will be done; the bathroom is a wreck I may add, and oh!  don’t forget to remind husband to get milk. I would get it but my car is in the shop. It’s passed due for an oil change and rainy season here in Florida is coming soon (at least that’s what my husband says, even though I think rainy season will start before summer ends, but I digress) and I still need to get my son ready for tomorrow at daycare… great! Now he won’t eat. He hasn’t been eating very well. Wait, how did the baby get on the table? What’s that in his mouth? He hasn’t even taken a nap yet! Where did I put his bottle? My baby is feeding the cat applesauce! 

Ahhh! Now I have a headache. Uh.. do I have a doctor’s appointment this week? I need to call them.. rats, it’s Sunday. I missed so much on my to-do list! I need to pick up my car but no one is home to take me… I’ll just sit here and throw a pity party and cry. 

I feel like I’ve been sucked into this tunnel of one stress fest after another. It’s not that things are not going my way, I sometimes have no control of it which leads me to not doing anything at all to the things I actually do have control over; which then leads to a deafeted, unaccomplished, I-don’t-feel-like-doing-anything type of day!

So what do you? How do you handle stress? 

Try these excercises that has been pretty effective for me: 


BREATHE– Take a few deep breaths! Inhale the positive energy by telling yourself that you will get through this. Exhale the negative energy, regardless of how tiny the issue is. If you can’t take that one stain off the seat of your car and it’s stressing you out, stop! relax! Breathe! 

CLOSE YOUR EYES- Close your eyes from anywhere between 20 seconds to one minute. You can breathe in and out too while you close your eyes. If you just close your eyes and breathe normally, that is fine too! Remind yourself to get back on the horse by envisioning yourself hoping back on the tracks!  
DRINK COLD WATER- It will literally cool you off! This always works for me whenever I start to feel agitated or stressed out. 

SMILE AND JUMP UP AND DOWN– I am serious about this one! It’s obviously completely optional but this makes me laugh after I do it! It’s a complete mood changer to remind me to not stress out over spilled milk! 
DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY– I enjoy writing! Do you love to paint? Go for a walk? Cuddle with your favorite pillow and watch a movie? Then make time for yourself and do it! You deserve it. This excercise will help your stress levels go down as your body releases positive vibes as you preoccupy yourself with something that you want to do, instead of something that you have to do. 
After doing these excercises, I feel refreshed and ready to get back out there and handle things much better with a clearer mind!
I hope this was informative and helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message in any of my social media platform! 

Wait, phone! I’m the boss!

Do you remember when you were 11 back in 1996 and no one was glued to their cell phones and was able to spend some quality time with you without constantly checking their phones? Weren’t those the good ol days!? 

Sadly, I am guilty of that! (The part where I am constantly checking my phone) 

I find myself constantly perusing on my phone when it’s not necessary. Yes, I’m somewhat addicted to instagram and  I’ll post a tweet from time to time. I do check my Facebook, but not daily. I am a mother and my son needs me! Don’t get me wrong, I do spend plenty of time with him after a long day from work. I am never tired to play a game of peek-a-boo and watch an episode of Mother Goose club on Netflix. We will even go to the playground if weather permits! 
So to soak up more of the fun, I need less time on the phone/social media when I’m with family. After all, the time you spend is very precious and seriously: the phone can wait!

How do you find a happy medium balancing your family and having time to yourself, a/k/a being on your phone? 

Is it satisfying to you? Are you happy with your balance? 

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message in any of my social media platform! 

Organic greens!

My family and I went to an organic hydroponic farm and picked up some fresh strawberries, a head of romaine lettuce, some cilantro, basil, mint and scallions! 

They all smelled so delicious! I was raving and raving about it all to my husband! We plan to come back and pick up more vegetables and organic jams and salad dressing! 

With these six items I plan to make a strawberry salad and add some tomatoes with a side of raspberry vinegarette dressing. Looking forward to it! 


Side note: the farmer mentioned to me by keeping the lettuce in ice cold water for 10 minutes, it will make your lettuce last longer! 

I hope this was informative and helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message in any of my social media platform! 

Closet clutter! 

Over the past two months, I have been decluttering my life both physically and mentally. Part of my minimalism journey, I cleaned out my closet for the fifth or sixth time in two months, I have finally found the right amount of things I need. I decided to look into Project 333 and realized that I can live with this simplicity of a lifestyle and be totally happy! 

Project 333 is about having 33 items, from head to toe including accessories for three months! 

It was a very simple process to follow and since I live in Florida, I know that the items that I have can go well over the three month period. If and when I decide to purchase more clothes, my rule is to give up an item in exchange for another. 

So here is my closet now: 

Because I only kept 19 items, I was able to keep all of my shoes which was only nine pairs. (Unfortunately, I had more)

And since I don’t accessorize myself with jewelry. The only jewelry I have is my watch which I take off and one pair of earrings. My necklace and wedding ring I never take off. 

I have two pair of pants, two shorts and one dress pants. I wear dresses to work on most days and a pair of jeans or dress pants on another. So that’s 33 items! 

Each and every single item serves a daily purpose and it’s less stress when you pick out your clothes in the morning for work. I do have yoga pants for working out, a pair of bathing suit and pajamas which I did not counted as part of the project 333

Here’s a simple four step guideline: 


1- EVALUATE YOUR CLOSET– As hectic as your closet may look, do go through it even if it will take you a couple of days. I know there are clothes in there that you will come across that you haven’t seen since your Uncle Gio’s polka party that you may consider giving away! Be patient and make it fun! 

2-SEPARATE A LOVE, DONATE & TRASH PILE-Now the fun begins! Take all your clothes out of your closet and take a moment to enjoy the empty space in your closet and visualize how amazing it will feel with less items! Since I already had nice wooden hangers, I ended up stealing, I mean borrowing the rest from my husband’s closet and nicely organizing my closet to make it look fresh. If that is something you would like to consider, check them out here

Ok, now that you’ve embrace life’s little things, back to work! Start three piles and begin deciding which item goes into each pile.

The love pile is where pieces of your clothes make you feel comfortable and at your best! You won’t have to think twice about wearing it when interruptions from the donation and trash pile are surrounding it! 

The donate pile is for clothes that are still in good condition and still has plenty of life left in someone else’s closet. If items still have tags but you know it’s too small, consider selling it or again, donating it! Giving it away is another option too! I had plenty of clothes that are in good to excellent condition that I ended up giving away. Don’t let this pile turn into the “just in case” pile either! 

The trash pile is for clothes that literally has seen better days! If your shoes are talking to you and something may or may not be living inside it, then its gotta go, my friend! As much as I hated throwing away pieces of clothes, I knew that even the top that was once cute is now covered with paint stains and holes. How about turning it into a rag? No. Get rid of it! 

3-GIVE YOURSELF A FASHION SHOW– Now that you have cleared out your closet to only the items that you love, start creating combination outfits with your pile of love! You will truly be surprise how many outfits you can come up with! 

4-NOT ONLY LOOK, BUT FEEL GOOD TOO!-The best part? It’s all with items that you love! 

I hope this was informative and helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message in any of my social media platform! 

Please note: If you are not ready for the project 333, that’s ok! don’t deprive yourself by getting rid of clothes that you truly love and that will add value to your daily wardrobe. Don’t feel obligated to accomplish this exact recipe. This is about minimizing and simplifying your lifestyle by decluttering each piece of clothing item you no longer need.

My Happy Medium: Found

You never “clock out” when you have a 14 month old son waiting for you at home from a long eight hour work day. Trey, my son, is truly the best thing that has happened to me! He is very bright, energetic and full of surprises! One evening I was talking to my husband while I was holding Trey. Then out of nowhere he grabbed my face and kissed me on the lips while saying “mmmmmuuah!” Things like that melts my heart to pieces! 

How do I find time for myself? I don’t. Well, I do, but when I’m granted that time to myself, I honestly almost panic and realize that I don’t know what to do with myself! I’m completely absent minded and I always feel like something is missing. Dislexia plays a huge role when free time is permitted. So I’ve done some digging around Pinterest, googled up some words I didn’t think anyone else has asked… Jeez, by this point everything and anything has already been googled, right? But I digress…
So, I decided to write down my routine. As much as I’d like to say it’s a daily routine, it ain’t gonna happen’! So I’ll be just as satisfied if I can get some of this done at least three times a week! So here they are: 


1- WAKE UP EARLY- I usually wake up at around 6AM for work on the weekdays. Might as well wake up a few minutes early, around 530-545 to incorporate the new routine. I know it’s going to be a pain in the neck, but knowing me, if I don’t do this now, I’ll never do it! 

2-WASH FACE- It is a no brainer!  This I don’t skip out on!  Wash your face, peeps! Especially if you wear tons of make up! Don’t clog your pores by skipping the must! I use Clinique’s three step. I also use a turn around cream in the evening for the extra moisture and also a wrinkle repair cream. And yes, I said wrinkle repair cream, which explains why I look ten years younger!

3-MEDITATE- This may not be for everyone, especially not for me in the beginning. I tried the app headspace for a while, but literally started falling asleep in the middle of the meditation process. I ended up going the “minimal” route and stuck with this podcast called Meditation Oasis. It’s pretty good so far and most of them are short, which is perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle. And it’s free! 

4-JOURNAL- WRITE DOWN FIVE THINGS YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR- During my self-help book search, I came across this badass book called You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. It has revolved me back to the person I am today and I am soaking life with every breath that I take.

With that being said, I decided to keep a journal and write down five things I am grateful for daily. Don’t feel stuck in rut if you can’t come up with new things you are grateful. Every day I am grateful for my family, roof over my head, hands to feel, eyes to see and food on the table. 

When you get a chance, send someone a text or phone someone and let them know that they are loved! I send my husband a text a few times a week by thanking him for making the bed (which I am truly thankful for) or just simply telling him I love him out of the blue. 

5-EXERCISE- This I struggled with daily! I had this weird obsession with starting everything on a Monday. It has hindered me from almost everything I’ve set my mind to in the past! “Oh, I need to work out, it’s Wednesday, so I will wait until Monday to do it!” 

After finally getting over my ridiculous OCD charade, I decided to lightly work out again! Don’t get me wrong, Trey alone is a work out in itself, but this workout I do in the morning is far less complex than chasing around a baby with scissors in his hands. (True story, btw!) 
A few yoga stretches, some ab workouts, jumping jacks and some light aerobics will do just the trick! It has given me plenty of energy throughout the day! 

6-EAT A HEALTHY BREAKFAST MEAL- This is very important to me because I need plenty of fluids and a healthy balanced meal with my medication and the vitamins that I take.  During my daily routine for work, I always make myself a smoothie. It’s a green smoothie! I use the following simple ingredients: A whole banana, a cup of frozen fruits which include:  strawberries, mango, peaches and blueberries, orange juice and topped with Amazing Grass® Green Superfood® Alkalize & Detox which is basically wheat grass filled with cleansing ingredients and good dosage of your daily veggy intake! Because of this, I don’t drink coffee anymore. It has given me so much energy and balance. I have had it by itself with no smoothie, and it’s not the best tasting thing in the world, but it works just as great.  With that, I eat a cereal bar on the go. Natures Valley with protein, peanut butter and dark chocolate. At work, I continue the breakfast feast with some oatmeal or cereal. I love the apple and cinnamon oatmeal and honey nut Cheerios with 2% milk. I also take my medication, women’s daily vitamins and sometimes I take ginko biloba for the “Dory” days when I feel absent minded. 

Well I hope this was somewhat informative and helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message in any of my social media platform! 


Simplifying my life has been the best decision that I have made yet! I am in the process of becoming a minimalist and I’ve eliminated items in my life that adds zero value to me. What about the sentimental objects? There are a few things that I will keep, but not all. Parting ways with them was not as tough as I thought it would be. Knowing that they were part of a great memory once was good enough for me. Sometimes, a memory will trump over physical possessions. You don’t need it to remind you of the past.