I haven’t changed!

If anyone is reading this (hi mom!), I need to explain myself for the past three to four months. It’s true, I haven’t been posting that many pictures on my main Instagram. Yes, I haven’t been blogging as much as I have been. But the truth is, I have been busy with something that just snowballed into something amazing. EBAY!

A few blog posts ago, I mentioned that I started selling on eBay. Things around my house were selling like hot cakes. I couldn’t believe how many people would pay for pre-owned goods online! I cannot lie, I was hooked.

I made about $200 my first month and yes, got coffee everyday like it was going out of style. Then I figured, what if I used some of the Frappuccino money on some gently used items and flip them for a profit? Light bulb and four months later, I am still here and have been recycling the same recipe ever since. Granted, it’s not something that I just invented, but I have joined the reseller world and I am beyond overwhelmed with information.

I balance my work life with my other work life, except I wouldn’t call eBay work. More like a hobby. Again, I am not quitting my job anytime soon. I am still learning brands and styles.

I like to think of the items I resell (mainly clothes) as something that a buyer can bring back to life and give it another chance to be in their closet to wear again! The amount of clothes that get sent to landfills is amazingly high and why not give these items life while they still have them?

And honestly, it’s fun! I miss shopping and buying items that I know other people will buy. The game changer to this all is that I’m not shopping for myself. I’m still wearing the same curated wardrobe that I had a year ago with very minor changes. This time though, I am shopping for other people, and your time and energy to this whole fiesta of shopping and reselling is really what the buyers are paying for!

I will say that I still consider myself a minimalist when it comes to the clothing I wear, the lifestyle my family and I live on a daily basis. I enjoy shopping and the thrill of find items to resell. But that’s the thing! I am reselling them! Yes, there are clothes I would love to wear instead of reselling them, but at the end of the day, it’s up in my eBay store ready for it to go to a home that will love the item and that’s why I enjoy reselling on eBay.

I realized that this blog has been about my minimalism journey. It’s time to change that and continue to keep the minimalism lifestyle with a touch of love for retail to resell the best items I can find to buyers at the best price. I am still me. Simple gal living in a material world.

June & July.. I am sorry!

I have to be honest! I am losing my passion for blogging. Not so much writing, but specifically blogging. It’s not that I have been busy or life around me is revolving. It’s just a bit lost. I do truly apologize (mainly to myself) for not blogging as often as I used to. In other news, my son is finally using the potty, which was one of my goals for this year’s new year resolution. I haven’t gone anywhere special or even made plans for any trips in the near future, but I would love to. My son also got his first haircut this past summer. I will try to keep my blog going. Until then!

Top ten likes for April!

Hello May! It’s been such a beautiful day here in Tampa, I had to resist being cooped up inside. Let’s start!

1. LORDE CONCERT. I REPEAT… LORDE CONCERT! Lorde was phenomenal and one of my favorite artist. I couldn’t believe how genuine and adorable she was! I danced and sang to most of her songs out loud and for being an introvert, that is already saying a lot! Lorde made the whole audience feel special and she was amazing!

2. eBay selling- I started selling on eBay again. It’s been about three years the last time I sold items on eBay and about nine years before that. I found a lot of stuff laying around the house and figured why not sell them on ebay? It’s obviously not making me enough money to quit my job, but it is paying for my coffee without feeling any guilt.

3. Painted one wall in our dining room- I love a good accent wall. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and even had the bucket of paint sitting out in our dinning room to paint. I couldn’t have made it more easier for me… but of course, I procrastinate and it only took me about two months to finally do this project that literally took about an hour.

4. Apothecary items- I like this style. Not so much the price, so I turned our wine bottle into a simple, decorative piece of art by wrapping hemp cord around it. I also purchased a small slab of wood at ikea for about $5 and voila! It’s an apothecary dinning room décor at fraction of the cost. Ha!

5. Catan- this is a board game that my sister and brother-in-Law got me hooked on! It’s bad enough that I also play it on the app. It’s basically a strategy game, which I enjoy. It’s a mix between monopoly and risk and there’s trading involve and a few ways to win the game! It’s great! Check it out!

6. Potty training my son- it’s coming along great! He understands the concept and he is interested in potty training! Always a plus and a win for me! The end is near for purchasing diapers.

7. Riverwalk- The riverwalk here in Tampa is awesome. My family and I enjoy walking up and down the riverwalk. I even started running on the riverwalk too! Fun outdoor adventure!

8. Ready Player One- this Steven Spielberg film was awesome. Not a huge gamer, but this movie was non-stop action and adventure suitable for all ages.

9. Snobachi- It’s an ice cream place in Ybor city where your ice cream looks like art! So delicious! I got the “Get s’mored” ice cream.

10. The Five Love Language- great book! Oldie but goodie. After realizing what love language my husband and I are were, we have been doing everything we can to keep each other even MORE happier.

May is already treating me wonderful and it’s only the 6th. Have a lovely one!

Top ten likes for March

Hey there! I literally blinked and it’s already April! Insane!

Let’s get started!

1- Trip to Philadelphia

For my 32nd birthday, my husband and I went to Philadelphia for the first time and spent four awesome days! We did most of the major tours which included the Eastern state penitentiary prison, magic garden, rocky statue, LOVE park, Reading terminal, Ben Franklin’s post office/museum, Museum of Art (my favorite art museum by far) Mint museum, independence hall, revolutionary museum, liberty bell, and even did a haunted ghost tour. Yes, we had a Philly cheesesteak. In Philadelphia they don’t call it Philadelphia cheesesteak, though. Just cheesesteak.

2- My new adidas running shoes

It was way pass due for a new pair of running shoes. I finally got a pair and immediately started putting them to good use on our trip to Philly which we did A LOT of walking. I even started running in them too!

3- Couch to 5K app

Yes! I finally started running again and even accomplished my first 5K of the year! I ended up getting the couch to 5K app after my 5K run two weeks ago and I am now on week two day two (out of three) and running is becoming something I am looking forward to. I enjoy the avatar coach (Runicorn!) and how he encourages me to keep going. It’s an awesome feeling to get back on the running grind!

4- Coffee body scrub

This is amazing! I use this homemade body scrub almost every day for the past three weeks and I love how it makes my skin feel in the morning after I use it. It’s only three simple ingredients: coffee, sugar and olive oil. Scrub your whole body with it to get soft baby skin results! It will be tough to go back.

5- Puzzles from the Dollar Tree

In the last three weeks, my son has been into puzzles and we had purchased three 24 piece puzzle for my two year old son to work on. We set aside about 10 minutes a day putting the puzzle together and it’s so much fun to see him put it together. I love that he loves puzzles. It’s therapeutic too.

6- Fish tacos

I purchased fresh non-frozen tilapia and made delicious fish tacos. My son even enjoyed it even though we had to tell him it was “chicken”. It’s always best to top it off with homemade pico and avocado to give it the whole yummy effect!

7-Optimal living Daily podcasts

I enjoy these podcasts very much. I started listening to optimal living daily relationships too. (Both within the pas two weeks). The hosts of the podcasts read blogs from different people about minimalism, love, how-tos, and to me, it’s just inspiring and well worth to read more afterwards. That’s how I was able to search and read Cait Flander’s book The Year of Less and will also be reading The More of Less by Joshua Becker. Check it out! It brings nothing but positive vibes into my ears daily while at work.

8- Santa Clarita Diet Season 2

If you’re a huge fan of comedy and Drew Barrymore like myself, then more than likely you have seen the Netflix original Santa Clarita Diet. It’s hilarious! I am not big on zombie or people eating people, (pretty much anything that is remotely scary) but this is not scary. It’s laugh out loud funny and Drew Barrymore was awesome. I ended up watching all ten episodes within four days. Go.See.it!

9- EO Organic Deodorant

I am very impressed with this deodorant. This is by far the best deodorant I have ever used. I’m on my second bottle, in French Lavander and I love this product and how minimal the ingredients are. It feels fresh, no white residue and it smells clean.

10- Baked Broccoli

I continue to eat well and one of my favorite snacks are baked veggies which include: zucchini, carrots, and cauliflower. I just recently added broccoli into the mix by adding garlic powder and olive oil prior to baking. Try it! It’s delicious.

Feel free to leave a comment by sharing some of your experiences with any of my top ten likes for March.

Turkey Salad

Hey there! I enjoy making salads from time to time and it’s never the same ingredients but always delicious!

Since I get home early, a snack before dinner is always a swell idea. Especially for my little guy who gets apples or grapes with a cheese stick and juice.

This amazing, scrumptious colorful delight is super easy to make.


Artisan lettuce mix

Cherry tomatoes (cut in half)

Red onions


Mix cheese

Turkey meat (shredded)

The salad dressing I used:

Olive Garden signature Italian dressing can be found at your grocery store.

Enjoy your snack!

Hey there! As I continue to evolve into this new me, I decided to share my top ten likes for the month of February. If you know me in real life, you know that simple living is what I live for. My mantra is practically “live simply so that others can simply live”. This month was great! I found some cool apps to fuel my brain, discovered new-to-me podcasts and even hosted my very first elevenses!

Let’s start!

1- Yoga

A few stretches turned into a lot of stretches and a lot of stretches turned into yoga. That’s where I’m at right now, people! It’s amazing how my dainty little bones are not cracking anymore and how I don’t feel extremely sore after a good work out. (Oh yes, I still get sore, but not insanely sore like I used to)

2- Trello

I heard about this app on the Sorta Awesome Show podcast  episode 123 where Laura Tremaine raved I about this app. If you’re into digital organization and jotting down lists (to-dos, grocery, etc.) then this app is the ONE to do that! I started using it after I booked our flight for Philadelphia in the beginning of the month and just made its own category and in it I added my flight, hotel and things to do in Philadelphia information. How cool is that? The ladies on the podcast said it’s like Pinterest for organization. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I’m hooked and I ended up deleting the Reminder app that came standard on the iPhone that I was using FOREVER. (Side note: I didn’t know you can delete the Reminder app on the phone!)

3- Peanut Butter Energy Bites

Step aside tea and coffee! These bite size energy deliciousness has been my go-to in the a.m! they’re like granola bars, but better because I was able to add more of what I wanted in my home-made granola bites. But first! here are the ingredients that I used: oats, flaxseeds, peanut butter, honey and semi-sweet chocolate chips. I mixed it all in a bowl and added extra peanut butter and extra chocolate chips. Mmm! it was dee-ee-lee-cious! I found this recipe on pinterest, and I couldn’t resist but to share.

4- By The Book podcast

I stumbled upon this podcast by looking up self-help podcasts. This podcast is hilarious! Jolenta Greenberg and Kristen Meinzer, host of the podcast read these self-help books, follow the rules of the self-help book for two weeks and then give their verdict on how this book changed their lives. I binged listen to the podcast at work in one day and I am now caught up. I am looking forward to reading The Five Love Languages. Jolenta and Kristen has inspired me. Warning: Do not listen to this podcast with kids.

5- Peak app

I downloaded this brain game app about two weeks ago and have been enjoying the games I am playing without realizing how much boost it’s giving my brain daily. I also figured, since I was going to use my phone, why not use it to also feed my brain a little. I am still doing my best to stay away from my phone, but when I am on it, I make sure it’s worth it. Less time on social media and more time on these fun games.

6- Crossword app

Just like the peak app, this crossword app is another brain exercise that I use a couple of times a week. My husband ended up downloading it too. We later realized that it’s a British app and thought it was funny. We still play it until now.

7- Succulent plants

I enjoy taking care of my succulent plants. I have over ten and since succulent plants need minimal care, I signed up! Minimal care equals less watering and more admiring. I also wanted some green in our home, so I thought succulent plants would be the best and something that I can care for a couple of times a month.

8- NOW Xylie Refreshmint toothpaste

This toothpaste is a game changer! I love how it feels when I am brushing my teeth and of course, after. It doesn’t leave a filmy feeling on my teeth like most toothpaste and I like natural/organic toothpaste, for its minimal ingredients. This has been the best toothpaste for me yet.

9- Dottera essential oils

I purchased dottera essential oils from my sister and it’s working great so far. I made a natural multipurpose cleaner using one cup of water, one cup of white vinegar and 40 drops of lavender oil. It not only smells great, but it has done a better job than the regular multipurpose cleaning product (in my opinion). I’ve also used the lavender oil to mix in with some witch hazel and made a pillow spray. I used about ten drops of lavender oil and maybe 1/4 cup of witch hazel and 1/4 cup of water. It’s made my pillow smell lovely and going to sleep was a breeze.

10- Elevenses

This is just like brunch! I’ve been reading At Home with Made Chic; Becoming a Connoisseur of Daily Life which is where I got the multipurpose cleaning ingredients from. Before reading this book, I did not know what elvenses meant until I read further. I was intrigued and decided to host our first elevenses the very next day! I did not have cake, but I did have tea. So we invited some friends and made it happen! Our elevenses had a plethora of exquisite bite size delights. We had quiche, fruits, cheese, butter for bread, pieces of salami, bacon, potato slices that was slightly fried in olive oil, some mimosas, coffee and tea. Our tea was delicious. We used my tea set my Aunt got me from Japan. It was a lovely day. We had great conversation and some nice brunch music playing in the background.

So here it is! my top ten likes for the month of February. As always, I hope you find some value in this. Please share any of your highlights of the month. I am always willing to try something new. I cant wait to share my likes for the month of March. But until then, take care!

January Recap

Hey there! Have you been sticking to your New Year goal? It’s was a bit tough, but I’m doing my best. I’m happy to say that I’ve been reading a book, although it’s taking me well over a month to read it. My goal is still to read at least 12 books this year.

I’ve also managed to do yoga three times in the month of January. Whooo! That was exciting and much needed time to just unwind and focus on my breathing and balance.

My son, on the other hand, is still in the process of potty training. Yes, he is interested. No, he is not consistent with using the potty. Yes, it’s alright. Ditto with teaching him Tagalog. I have yet to sign up for a 5K. I hope to do at least two this year. That’s realistic.

Today I was able to book a flight and hotel to Philadelphia. My husband and I have never been so we are pretty stoked. Our first trip of the year!

I’d say this was a pretty accomplishing month. Let’s try this again for February.

Until next time!


I am a strong woman and I am full energy.

I am at peace with my inner self.

I am healthy and vibrant.

My home is my sanctuary.

I am a patient, loving parent.

I will love and relish each moment.

I am beautiful and I am a positive woman.

Today I will conquer the world.

Taking a step back

Hey there!

We’ve all had our days when we are on the right path and feeling the thrill when we cross off things on our to-do list. Especially when it feels like such a commitment, it still feels awesome to check it off.

Today, I am taking a step back from the following to do list:

  • Reading in the evening
  • Washing my face (so bad, I know!)
  • Picking out my outfit for tomorrow (ugh!)
  • Washing dishes (the worse one yet!)

It may sound petty and as some people would call it #firstworldproblems but this seriously affected me!

I didn’t read this evening because I was trolling on instagram and Pinterest on silly things when I could be feeding my brain with my most recent self-help book as opposed to figuring out how I am going to make zucchini and sweet potato fries. Sigh.

On the plus, I did read this morning. It still doesn’t change the fact that I missed my evening read train!

I didn’t wash my face because I didn’t feel like it. The worse part: today is apparently a blue moon for me because I ended up putting on foundation this morning, which I very seldom do and the one evening my face needs washing the most is the one evening I don’t do it. It’s like I’m asking for zits to please pop into my face!

Picking out an outfit for tomorrow is something I do almost every evening before bed. I can literally get up right now, set my blog posting down and pick out an outfit. I chose not to because I’m lazy and I’ve already done the trifecta of things I do daily, so what’s the point right? I did manage to pick out my son’s clothes for tomorrow, as always.

The good news (if I want to look at it in a positive way) is that I own less than 30 item of clothing. It will not be that stressful to pick out an outfit for tomorrow. It will take me less than five minutes.

Not doing the dishes is going to haunt me in my dreams tonight. A little bit of the dishes piled up today and it will take me no time at all to wash them and put them away, but today has been such a drag!

I’m not using the cold weather as an excuse. It’s just one of those days. People get them all the time. I am not even strict on my day to day schedule.

Another plus side: I did manage to work out, declutter a drawer and my closet (again).

Venting done!


Yoga has been amazing so far! I’m stoked that yoga is back in my life. Very much needed for my mind, body and spirit.

I’ve had my yoga mat for about five years now. It’s the best yoga mat so far and I love how portable it is.

Enjoying this New Year resolution thing! I hope you enjoy yours too