Hey there! I wanted to discuss some things that has been bothering me a bit. With today’s technology, everyone has access to everything literally at their fingertips. From clothes to food, to cars and pets, you can order them all online! We are moving at lighting speed. So what if you have items sitting in your closet for over a year and you just can’t take it anymore wondering if it’s going to sell or not? My OCD kicked in the past two days for sure and did nothing but purge out the old and got extremely (EXTREMELY) picky with items I will be reselling moving forward. So far, I have over 100 items that are going into a thredUP bag and cutting my loses with whatever I get in return.

The thing is, I want it done now! I want my bag, I want all 100+ items in that bag and processed and I want it now! I want it now! I. Want. It. Now! I’m so impatient and I’m so annoyed with this death pile of clothes that is waiting for its ride to thredUP. I need to be patient and I need to breathe and keep calm and collective. I’m a very rational person for the most part but when it comes to things that are out of my control, I can’t help but get anxious. I am going to practice to be patient and hope things all work out in the end.

For the month of June, I decided to do something different with my thrifting hauls. Decided to pay up a bit more for higher end items, and did extra research, figuring out not only if the items are a good brand, but also asking myself if it’s a brand that’s in demand. I think every 2-3 months, I will review my inventory and purge out items that are not selling well. It’s given me a bit more breathing room and also more room for more inventory in the future. I still have some items that I will keep but will never purchase again. I am done ranting, this was all something I needed to get off my chest. Now I can sleep. That’s all folks!

Thrift Store Tips from a Rookie

Hey guys! Thought I’d share some tips from a rookie reseller! I have been reselling part time for over a year now and I can tell you, I’ve come a long way. I can still literally look back at the bottom of my storage bins and find items that are still sitting around that hasn’t sold from being overzealous and buying whatever I can get my hands on under the thrift store sun. Well, don’t do what I did, please, I beg you!

Once you know what to look for at the thrift store, it will make things a bit easier. Especially when you start to know what items sell well for you!

Here are five tips on how you turn a profit from your thrift store finds:

1. Do your research! Something I did not do when I went ham at my local goodwill store. Checking online is the best way to do this. Find out what sold when you see an item that you have thoughts about reselling. Poshmark and eBay are a reliable barometer for selling prices on items. If the item is worth it, snag it!

2. Take advantage of discount days! My local thrift store has 50% off all items on Wednesdays, another thrift stores has 50% off clothes every second Thursday and this boutique I go to is 50% off clothes every first Thursday-Saturday. Most goodwill stores has tags with the color of the week and are marked 50% off as well. Try to go on those days, so that you can buy super low clothes to sell super high. Can I get a cha-Ching? Tip: High end locations are your best bet too!

3. When thrifting- contain yourself when you find that unicorn item! If you find a very expensive item, make sure it is authentic. The last thing you want to sell is a fake! Save that for Regina George. However, If you find an item that is an absolute yes, make sure there are no holes, rips and/or stains. It sucks when my dresses have holes, rips and/or stains.

4. Keep track of your thrift spendings! Find out what you are buying for how much, what it is selling for and your profit. Ive been keeping my receipts since the beginning of the year. Until I find a trustworthy system, bet your bottom dollar I am doing this old school. Your bookkeeping will thank you in the long run. You’re welcome.

5. Have fun! Don’t compare yourself to other resellers. Everyone is at their own pace. I know from experience that it can be discouraging. Don’t give up. If this is something you truly enjoy and can see yourself doing this, whether it’s a hobby, part time or full time, have fun! Don’t burn yourself out.

I hope this helped! I am not an expert and I am not a reseller guru, but I am learning. If you have any special tips you’d like to share, please do so on my instagram at heysheenathrifts.

PicTapGo App

Hey guys! What a difference this app makes on my photos that I take with natural lighting. I use the lights on filter and it just brightens up the photo by 100x. Check this out:

Now the question is… should I still get a light kit?

May oh May!

Hey there! How about those May sales? I did pretty good considering the zero sale days I’ve had. Again, numbers do not lie!

June is expected to be slow, since its now the summer season. My goal for this month is to review my listings and perhaps change them up a bit for buyers to search them. I am also a little bit beside myself on the items that I got the first time I started reselling part time last year. They are now $5 on my poshmark closet and I can’t wait to get rid of them! I am sure there are resellers out there that have pieces galore that they wish they never picked up. Oh goodness!

Let’s stay positive (cliché to say) and keep making things happen! I will be the first person to raise my hand and say I was not feeling positive in May. Not only did I have zero sale days, but I also had no luck sourcing at my local thrift store. I say hello to the same workers I see every week and finally added at the end of my hello that it was slim pickings and how my cart had barely anything in it. I don’t want to be that bump on a log, but it happens. I am human, I am riding this roller coaster of emotions as a part time reseller.

Let’s go, June!

Slow Days

Since May has started, my sales have been inconsistent. Two days in a row I would not have any sales. Then one day, I’m flooded with five to six sales all from one platform or both! It’s the reseller roller coaster we are all riding, people! Up, down, slow and steady.

During this slow and steady time, I am giving myself the opportunity to educate myself more on brands to expand my bolo list. I am also going to be extra proactive on poshmark by sharing more, listing more and evaluating the best items that sell on poshmark.

Never be discourage during the drout. It will all be worth it at the end if you stay focus on what you want!

April Wisdom

Hey there!

I can’t believe we are already in May! This is insane! My best month yet for the year (ever so far) is still March, but I did pretty decent for April, without even realizing it. For April, I made almost $60 in net sales a day. That’s crazy considering all these low ball offers I’ve accepted on poshmark and low cost items that sold on eBay.

One thing is for sure though: NUMBERS DO NOT LIE! and I am grateful for the consist sales I’ve had since January. Even though I still feel like a rookie seller, the one thing I will keep in mind and share with others is to be consistent. I don’t list every day like some resellers because I don’t source daily or enough to last me a week. I mass list all my items between 1-2 days and then I go back out there in the wild the next week to source.

Whatever works for you, do it. We all have our own routine and it’s amazing how many people out there share their daily task and how they do things, but the truth is, you have got to have that fire inside you to keep going, and keep going at your own pace. You will get there. You will thrive. You will succeed.

Story Time: How I became a part time reseller.

Hey there!

How are things going with you in the resell world? It’s going so well for me. I can’t get enough of it! Come July will be my one year as a part time reseller. The minute I started, I got hooked! Over two years ago, before my husband, son and I moved, we decided not to bring in clutter and start off fresh in our new home. It got a little out of hand to the point where the donation pile started to over flow a bit with some valuable things that were worth reselling. Didn’t think anything of it, so off to goodwill it went.

Flash forward to last April 2018. At this point, the clutter came back and spring cleaning was in full effect once again. Decluttering toys, clothes, kitchen utensils, etc was my therapy. It felt great setting aside items that we no longer found value or needed, knowing it was going to a good home, but even better… it was off our hair and our home was once again clutter free.

During the time I was decluttering, I realized that some high end items that I had own was worth reselling rather than giving away. It was practically brand new, for Pete’s sake! I had an inactive poshmark account since 2015, so I decided to pull it back up and give it another shot. I sold a few items of my own back in October 2015 when I was about seven months pregnant and pretty much gave everything away for a steal. Yes, I kind of regret it now, and yes it was a lesson I learned.

eBay, I’ve had since 2006. I never sold anything on it prior to April 2018, I’ve only purchased. Mostly candles and kitchen items here and there. Nothing too crazy. Both eBay and poshmark were back in full effect by April with about ten items from my give away box. I instantly heard that “cha-ching” sound about a day after I listed the items. I also sold one more item the next day on poshmark and though “yeah! Coffee money!”

Then after all ten of the items sold with weeks, I decided to look further into this via Pinterest and Instagram and found out this wonderful community on how people around the world do this for a living. I read so many blogs, Instagram stories, YouTube, and even looked into how people are selling their items on different platforms.

I got so overzealous and anxious to start that by July 2018, I had gone thrifting on my lunch break and purchased everything I thought was worth reselling under the sun. Yes, that included Ann Taylor and yes, that included lularoe. I even purchased items without researching them. Again, it was lesson learned for sure! Til now, I still have some of those items and I am selling them for less than what I purchased for. Still hanging on to them! Ha!

Our guest room is now my office with my inventory. It is a cluster in there. I don’t know how I am able to find things, sometimes. It amazes me too! Outside that room, we still continue to keep our home clutter free. So ironic how I consider myself a minimalist, but I resell a bunch of clothes. I personally own less than 20 clothing items. I do love some of the items I purchase, but have total self control. I haven’t personally gone out shopping for myself, since I wear almost the same thing every day.

This community is so inspiring to me! It truly is. I can’t be more humble and more gracious to have this side gig. I am not sure what the future is for me as far as saving up my earnings. I will figure that out when I get to certain point and cross road in my life. I hope this story brings inspiration to anyone out there who has started their reselling journey.

Until then!

March Sales & Inventory Pile

Hey there!

March was my best month yet! I am so grateful and humble to find all these amazing tips and advice and what to sell on poshmark and eBay. I’ve come a long way, that’s for sure. I thrift once a week and list the items within 1-2 days after I list. I don’t have a death pile, although now I am reading through the grapevine that having a death pile is a life savor. Unsure. I do have a growing pile of inventory, with unplanned agenda on what exactly I need to do with it when clothes start to pile up to the ceiling. I briefly mentioned a sofa bed in the guest room (where my inventory currently resides) to my husband, but haven’t really had a game plan on what to do next. Surprisingly, I can find each item sold easily, and surprisingly, it’s an organized chaos.

We will see what this pile of cash will turn into in the future. Until then, keep rising and keep thriving. See you all at the top!

March Madness

Hey there

Time is going by really fast and we are already towards the end of March! My goal for each month is to list 100 items. If I’m lucky and find 25-30 pieces a week, I will be set!

Reality: life happens and it’s not always all about thrifting, listing and shipping. It’s about keeping your sanity and figuring out a great balance between your priorities. I don’t ever find 25-30 items a week since I got extremely picky with the items I purchase that I know will sell well.

My priority right now is family. I’ve been meaning to work on my flower bed and was able to get it going these past few days and with the help of my son and husband, we were able to get some plants after pulling out all the weeds and now all we have to do is plant them.

I also got an email from my local thrift store that yesterday and today they were doing another 50% off all clothing and shoes aside from their weekly 50% off on all clothing and shoes as well. DO YOU KNOW HOW TEMPTING THAT WAS FOR ME NOT TO GO? I was itching inside to go, but didn’t.

I still need to work on my death pile from Wednesday anyway. On top of all these priorities I have going aside from reselling, my husband and I are looking for a venue to have a wedding. We eloped and would like to have a small gathering with close family and friends. We’ve looked at two venues for now and I have to say, the bargain hunter in me is making this venue hunting a bit of breeze.

So the take away from all of this is simple: stay cool, keep your sanity and don’t feel discourage if you can’t accomplish your goals. It’s ok to have a few set backs. It’s ok to be tired from being under the sun all day, coming home to a messy house, exhausted as hell knowing you have a death pile sitting in your office that needs to be taken care of. It’s ok! There is tomorrow. Rest. Relax. Life happens! It’s not an excuse to be lazy, it’s a reality check letting you know that it’s ok.

It’s ok.

Plans for the Future

Hey there!

I wanted to blog about my eBay and poshmark journey, which I have been meaning to for a while now. Perceptions change when you realize that your extra cash for coffee for selling things around your house has snow balled into reinvesting that coffee money into thrifting money, which is not only paying for your coffee, but also your bills.

Hmmm…. let’s discuss:

I started reselling items around my house in April of 2018. Lucky for me, I have had my eBay account since 2006 with about 100 positive feedbacks. Mainly for purchase. Household items were my go to on eBay. Didn’t really purchase clothing, because on December 2017, I had minimized my wardrobe to about 20 pieces when I decided to become a minimalist.

So flash forward to July 2018, when I really started to resell items for $10-$15, with a $4-$7 profit. Didn’t see it coming, but I enjoyed the hunt for the good stuff and reselling them for a fair, decent profit. It’s so much fun and so therapeutic. This is my hobby, my thrill!

If and when the profits meet my monthly income or more, I will definitely consider quitting my job to resell full time. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to be a reseller full time until I stepped into the reseller world. So inspiring and motivating.

Until then!