New Year Resolution

What is your NYR for 2018? Are they realistic? Will you even add a check mark to your goal once it is completed? Here are my goals that I hope to accomplish by the end of 2018!

  • Visit family/friends outside of town
  • Read a book once a month
  • Potty train my son
  • Teach my son Tagalog (Philippines’ main language)
  • Run a 5K
  • Volunteer
  • Yoga
  • Plan a trip for 2019

Visit Family/Friends outside of town: I have so many family and friends not only outside of this state, but also outside of this country! Who doesn’t? At my sister’s wedding two years ago, I’ve had so many family members who have asked us to come visit them sometime and these are actual places I’d like to visit! I plan to make a visit happen for sure. Whether it’s in California, New York or Texas. I will make it happen!

Read a book once a month: I enjoy reading, I do. I know it’s a cop out to say I don’t have time because I know I can make time. It’s just that I don’t have the attention span to read a book for more than fifteen minutes. As one of my NYR, I will make the attempt and read a book monthly.

Potty train my son: My son just turned two and he is a very bright toddler. He has been using the toilet with mommy and daddy’s help every morning since September but has not yet said “Hey Mom! I need to go potty!” yet. I understand he is two, but it’s something I would want to accomplish by his third birthday next December.

Teach my son Tagalog: I am proud to say that I know three languages. English, Spanish and Tagalog. I grew up only knowing Tagalog and English and when my family and I moved to Panama when I was six years old, I was able to learn and speak Spanish. I’d like my son to at least understand Tagalog which is my mother’s main language.

Run a 5K: I’d like to run at least two 5Ks this year. Haven’t ran one in a very long time. I’m looking forward to investing in a pair of good running shoes and making this leap!

Volunteer: I’d like to pay it forward by volunteering. Again, it’s been a long time since I’ve volunteered anywhere. This is something my heart has been wanting to do for the past few years.

Yoga: As silly as this sounds, I really do need to get back into yoga. It’s been really long time since I’ve been to a yoga class. I’m going to sign up shortly and get back into yoga!

Plan a trip for 2019: I am looking forward to planning a trip for sometime in 2019. Hopefully out of the country. Hopefully somewhere in Europe. My goal is too look into it this summer to fall for next spring to summer sometime.

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