muster up the courage!

Today was a big day for me!

After months of contemplating with myself, I finally mustered up the courage to finally talk to my best friend about reselling full time. My best friend is my husband. As pragmatic as he is, he completely understood where I was coming from and heard me out completely and fully without feeling any type of discouragement.

Reselling can be scary, it’s true. The unknown is inevitable vs. a steady, streaming paycheck when working for corporate America. Taking this leap has made me feel like the opportunities are endless. It is a risk that I am willing to take and I am no longer fearful. What will be in store for me next? We shall see.

If your ducks are all lined up or even if they are not but you know with hard work and tenacity, you will get there, then why not? Why not do something you love full force with blood, sweat and tears. Blood, sweat and tears that you are willing to take on for yourself and not for someone else.

I am scared, I am excited and I have a long way to go with proving myself. My husband is giving me a trial run. He knows the numbers are there, but can I make it consistent? Again, we shall see.

Stay tune. So much has yet to unravel and I am coming in strong and swinging hard!

Batter up!

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