Mama’s boy

I am a mother to a rambunctious now 17 month old boy. This is a blog about my son, Trey and how I once held this tiny 5 pounds 10 ounce baby boy and blinked to a now 17 month old charming, handsome, smart toddler who cannot stop calling me”mama”. 
I enjoy my son’s company and how he sits on my lap when it’s time to read. (He loves books!)  He also enjoys singing and playing and mimicking other people’s facial expressions and the way they talk.  Can’t forget the singing and dancing! As long as he has his “go-gos” (gold fish) and agua (water in Spanish) he is golden! He enjoys Elmo, along with the Sesame Street gang. He can’t get enough of them sometimes! 

I am in the process of teaching him some Tagalog, which is the Philippines’ main language. He is learning Spanish too. I want him to be tri-lingual like his mother. 
At times, after reading to him his books at night, and as I watch him fall into slumber and dream away, I wonder what he is going to be like in three years when he starts school. I see his big smile and one eye brow raised when another kid in his class on the first day of school say something out of the ordinary or funny. I see him with plenty of friends surrounding him due to his charming personality that he’s had since day one. 

Meanwhile, I picture my future self, a hot mess, (to put it nicely) spying on him through the glass window at my son’s school (which his father and grandmother attended), while my husband is peeling my face off the window assuring me that Trey will be fine. 

Every detail is in this imagination of mine. Even the smell of an old building that is covered up in a fresh coat of paint for the new school year. The paint, however, couldn’t quite mask the rest of the building that inevitably “smelled funny” as the kids would say. 

Trey’s imagination is going to run wild! I picture him writing a wonderful essay about his family and where he came from. I picture him playing baseball, taking piano lessons and even taking up karate. 

I guess since I am a mother now, these are going to be the norm for me as far as how my nightly thought process will go. Sometimes I think of Trey in high school and even college, but haven’t really had any luck with chosing a scenario or at least what he and I are talking about without thinking about the cliché mom and son conversations I see on TV. You have a crush? What’s her name? I’d like to meet her. You’re building a rocket ship and sending dogs to the moon? You got into Harvard AND Yale? Oh my! That’s wonderful, son! I am so proud of you! None of these are realistic for me. Except for maybe the crush talk. 

I’ll rant on next time, but for now I’ll just imagine. One thing is for sure though, I CAN wait for my son to grow up. I truly can. Until then. 

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