January Sales- know your numbers!

Hey there!

How did everyone do with sales for the first month of the year? Hope it was great!

I was able to drastically bring up my sale through rate from 14% to 25%. I was super excited to see that number. It will give me such a boost for the next month in February.

Knowing your numbers is extremely important to me. It literally gives me a peace of mind. When you know your numbers, you can accurately set your goals for the next month and know what area you need to focus on.

To know your STR here are two steps:

divide the numbers of sales by the number of items you have.

For example 50 items sold divided by 100 items you have for sale.

1.) 50 / 100 = 0.5

2.) 0.5 x 100 = 50% <<<– your STR.

I will get back to this and actually make up a mock goal and show you what I do to figure out my numbers and what I would need to improve and/or focus on. I’ll bring up monthly goal and average sale price.

Until then!

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