Headspace + September Outlook

Running your own business can be detrimentally exhausting. You are a one wo(man) show and it’s up to you to bring home the bacon, per say.

This week my family and I are spending some time at the beach. Some quality time to clear your head. But how do you turn your brain off? How do you stop thinking about your business to the point where it’s stressful? Questions I asked myself while starring into the gulf with my four year old son. Looking at him, and thinking to myself I don’t want to fail you! How do you handle that?

This afternoon, while my son took his nap, I looked for ways and even tried listening to some spa music. Music I have listened to so many times only to come back to my stress when it’s over. I needed something more. I needed to declutter my stress.

That’s when I turned to headspace. I downloaded the app to guide me through my day to day grind. Handling it on my own just built up more stress in my life to the point where I feel the need to nag or complain when there is nothing left to nag and complain about. 🤨

Headspace so far is calming. From the second I tuned in, I knew this was something that I needed.

What I am hoping to achieve for the month of September is to focus on what is good for my business and shift towards it. Whenever I shift into something that I know is good for me, I self sabotage. Who doesn’t? I take it for granted. I don’t focus.

My accomplishment that I made in the past week was managing my inventory and creating a catalog for it. I haven’t felt so accomplished in my business in a long time. It was something I truly needed.

September is going to open my eyes to greater things and I am ready to take that leap with a clear and fresh perspective.

Feel free to share your goals with me on instagram. My username is heysheenathrifts

Hope this brings some value into your life.

Until then!

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