Brands that sell well for me

Hey there! I’ve been seeing a lot on social media on brands that sell very well for other resellers. Whether you are full time or part time like me, there are brands out there that are your bread and butter and sells out like hot cakes. Here are my top ten(No particular order):

1. Banana Republic- all day, some days. Ha! I wish I can say every day, but this is an item that sells very well for me. I pick up banana republic every time and the turn around rate on these are fantastic.

2. J Crew- J. Crew style #s are always on the tag, and the stock photos are always available to add that extra icing to the cake when listing. They sell great and I always pick up J.Crewwwwwww!

3. Ann Taylor- whether it’s LOFT or just plain Ann Taylor, they are pretty much my bread and butter. The thing with this brand, I do not pick up all the time. If it’s cute, I will grab it for sure!

4. Lucky Brand- hell yes! I can’t buy and sell these any faster! Lucky Brand is my “lucky charm”. Oh yeah! I will pick you up all day every day!

5. LulaRoe- this is because I have a ton of them! Once upon a time, I thought it was a brilliant idea to purchase someone’s LulaRoe clean out at my local Salvation Army and they are in fact selling like crazy, but not for a decent profit. Very picky about future LulaRoe hauls.

6. White House Black Market- Another bread and butter item that I will pick up from time to time. I am beginning to notice a bit of a saturation in the WHBM resale world. Again, if it’s cute and worth the resell value, I will pick it up.

7. Free People- I love selling Free People, but I will admit, it’s one of my hardest finds when thrifting. When I do get them, they sell out almost immediately. I also use the stock photos when listing to get a better wow factor when a model is wearing it. I will pick these up all the time!

8. Anthropologie- yes, yes, yaaaaaasss! One of my favorite! I love learning about all brands Anthropologie has to offer and I love reselling them. I pick up the usual suspect brands, but if I see a brand that I am not sure about, I will pick it up to find out it’s an Anthro brand. (If I am lucky) High five all around!

9. Calvin Klein- one of the brands that amazes me every time it sells, because I personally would not pick up Calvin Klein for myself and it is probably why I say “wow!” whenever it sells. It’s more of an eBay thing, but I pick it up all the time.

10. CaBi- I enjoy picking up Cabi and I don’t have much of Cabi items, but they do sell well for me. Another bread and butter item. Cabi, too has stock photos available. Resell value is good, good, good!

Please share any of your favorites by hitting me up on instagram @heysheenathrifts. I’d love to hear from you all. Have a lovely weekend ahead.

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