October’s Motto

“Focus on the big picture. Judge results by overall growth rather than the daily ups and downs. This will help keep your mood in check and create balance for you and ultimately reflect in your business”

Headspace + September Outlook

Running your own business can be detrimentally exhausting. You are a one wo(man) show and it’s up to you to bring home the bacon, per say.

This week my family and I are spending some time at the beach. Some quality time to clear your head. But how do you turn your brain off? How do you stop thinking about your business to the point where it’s stressful? Questions I asked myself while starring into the gulf with my four year old son. Looking at him, and thinking to myself I don’t want to fail you! How do you handle that?

This afternoon, while my son took his nap, I looked for ways and even tried listening to some spa music. Music I have listened to so many times only to come back to my stress when it’s over. I needed something more. I needed to declutter my stress.

That’s when I turned to headspace. I downloaded the app to guide me through my day to day grind. Handling it on my own just built up more stress in my life to the point where I feel the need to nag or complain when there is nothing left to nag and complain about. 🤨

Headspace so far is calming. From the second I tuned in, I knew this was something that I needed.

What I am hoping to achieve for the month of September is to focus on what is good for my business and shift towards it. Whenever I shift into something that I know is good for me, I self sabotage. Who doesn’t? I take it for granted. I don’t focus.

My accomplishment that I made in the past week was managing my inventory and creating a catalog for it. I haven’t felt so accomplished in my business in a long time. It was something I truly needed.

September is going to open my eyes to greater things and I am ready to take that leap with a clear and fresh perspective.

Feel free to share your goals with me on instagram. My username is heysheenathrifts

Hope this brings some value into your life.

Until then!

Inventory System

I started an inventory system yesterday and it was definitely a must. If I am planning to grow my inventory, I need a system where I can find each item without having to look in three places. My organize chaos was no longer going to cut it.

I did not invent this system, but it works for me. Try it out if you’d like!

Step 1:

Pull your inventory report from poshmark.

Step 2:

Copy and paste your inventory to a spreadsheet. I use google spreadsheet.

Create a master copy to add the entire inventory. Open up another tab to keep a small track of bins A-B or A-C (however you’d like to modify)

Step 3:

Filter out the master spreadsheet by category and then by size. That way, it’s much simpler to separate all the shirts/tops, sweaters, pants and jackets. (The spreadsheet below is under tab BIN A-B)

Step 4:

Use the SKU column to your advantage and enter your bin/location information your item.

Aside from searching for the item and placing them in the proper bin, there is really nothing to it. My shoes will remain in the same bin, since I do not have a lot of shoes. I am still working on it, and I am stoked! Please note that this will pay off in the long run!

Moving forward, I will be typing in the SKU in its proper spot on poshmark.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I am also learning as I go, but so far so good.

Hope this helps!

6:00 a.m thoughts!

Hey all!

First of all, where did August go? 😟😳

I sat down and wrote down my goals for this month and made some minor moves in hopes that it will make major changes for me in the future.

You need to have goals. For me, goals are written down on my notebook and placed on my desk where I can see it every day. Whenever I feel like I am back sliding or feel the need to self sabotage, I read my goals out loud. It not only brings me back to my state of mind, but it also calms my nerves, and the feeling of “this was a mistake going full time” attitude.

Reselling is an emotional roller coaster! It truly is. As much as we all help each other out, we all have our tips and tricks that will allow us to excel in our business.

Do not get distracted. There are plenty of distractions in this world already. Focus on your goal and keep your eye on the prize.

Need to take a break? Take a break. Regroup and then tackle your task once again!

Find a thinking place. You know where your happy place? Great! Now find a thinking place. My thinking place is my bike ride. Great, creative ideas will start to flow once you get into that mindset.

Create a business plan and guess what? It’s ok to make changes. Feel like you need to take it to the next level? Great! That’s where I am at. It’s scary, and it feels uncomfortable but it’s something I need to do to take move up.

Meditate or just be still. Appreciate the sounds around you in the great outdoors. It’s another great way to come back from and tackle the day strong.

Coffee. Need I say more?

Consistency. As long as you’re moving forward at whatever pace suits you best, you are making progress.

Be humble and give back. A lesson from karma that I will never forget.

My mind feels more calm and at ease writing down my thought process for the day. I hope this brings you value in any way, shape or form. Not just in reselling but also in life.

summer slow down thoughts

Let’s face it, folks! The summer slow down is real and there is no denying that we are not making fire sales this month in July. It’s a struggle that I face whenever I make little to no sales while it feels like everyone around me is making it through the day with tons of sales. Why not me? What is wrong with my closet? Am I reselling the right items?

Simple answer to those questions is to STOP, I repeat, STOP comparing yourself to others! It can be extremely tough. Especially when you were constantly making sales one week and the next is near impossible to make at least one sale. Don’t let this get the best of you. Again, I repeat, DO NOT LET THIS GET THE BEST OF YOU!

Take this time to learn new brands or take some time off and spend it with the family. Learn a new skill, work out, cook, laugh, play read a book! Something to keep mentally strong and ready for tomorrow.

I have been doing all of that and it’s ok if I don’t make any sales today. It’s ok if I don’t reach my goal this week and this month. It’s ok. Keep a positive outlook on what is to come for you in the horizon. You will get there. Hang tight for the summer slow down!


The race to the end of June is not over! But I am seeing amazing results running towards that finish line. Again, numbers DO NOT LIE. As of today, I am $500 over from my previous amount that I had on May 22. 😳 that is CRAZY! It blew my mind when I was sitting here thinking that this summer slow down has already hit me hard coming into the month of June. Nope! I was gratefully mistaken, my friend.

So here are some tips on what I’ve done so far to stay afloat and maintain my daily sales.

1. Now that poshmark is letting us relist items, do it! It’s as easy as 1-2-3 to relist 10-15 stale items in your closet. Why does this benefit me and you? For one, it’s stale. Let’s just get that out of the way. And B, you have all these likes ❤️ but no bite. Why not get a fresh set of eyes, but also a bump to the top of the search bar for your back by popular demand item? No brainer.

2. Share, share, share, share your closet! Even on my worst sluggish day, I will at least share my closet 3x. I do not have a VA. I do not have my grandma’s neighbor’s neice’s daughter’s friend doing it for me. 😅Although, that would be fantastic! But anyway, share your items! If I could, I would share it at least 10 times a day. IF I could.

3. What’s in your sold items? Go check it out and take account for your best items sold. Yes, items. What are you selling the most? Now that you know, go pick them up at your local thrift store when you get a chance. You will find what works for you. Everyone is different and everyone has something unique to offer to buyers. Don’t feel discouraged.

4. Pack and ship fast! You will have the most heart felt comments and love notes if you do this. Buyers will remember you for not only the fast shipping but also for the quality and price you offered or accepted. What an awesome tri-fecta!

With all this said and done, know that hard work is involved. I steam my clothes, I take photos, I draft each item, I answer questions, I package the item, and of course, I source.

You’ve got this! With so much hard work and tenacity, it’s a guarantee that you will achieve your goal!

$500 weekend. my strategy.

After a busy three day weekend, I managed to make $500 for the first time ever! No magic spells or secret sauce.

This was my Poshmark strategy:

• focus on an item you enjoy reselling

• check out the market and do your research. Check out blogs, or any trending sites and see what’s hot in style and what is selling well. 🔥

• get out there in the wild and find that item or something similar, but still on trend and selling well. Make sure you want to make 3-4x for the item you are purchasing to resell.

• check comps! check comps! check comps! 💰 check out items that sold and also click on ‘just in’ so you know when it was sold last and/or how fast your hot cakes are selling for.

• take great photographs

• give the item a proper title for top rank visibility! 👀 👀

• Brand/Color/Item/Size

• give detail descriptions

• have a competitive reselling price- make sure you have room to negotiate and still come out in the positive.

• offer 10% off and discounted shipping to buyers that like your item.

• make the sale! Pack em and ship em!

Hope you find some value in this blog. These are just SOME of many strategies out there, but discretion: this is what has worked for me over the past month since I changed my strategy.

Let me know if you have any awesome strategies you would like to share. Feel free to DM me on Instagram.

muster up the courage!

Today was a big day for me!

After months of contemplating with myself, I finally mustered up the courage to finally talk to my best friend about reselling full time. My best friend is my husband. As pragmatic as he is, he completely understood where I was coming from and heard me out completely and fully without feeling any type of discouragement.

Reselling can be scary, it’s true. The unknown is inevitable vs. a steady, streaming paycheck when working for corporate America. Taking this leap has made me feel like the opportunities are endless. It is a risk that I am willing to take and I am no longer fearful. What will be in store for me next? We shall see.

If your ducks are all lined up or even if they are not but you know with hard work and tenacity, you will get there, then why not? Why not do something you love full force with blood, sweat and tears. Blood, sweat and tears that you are willing to take on for yourself and not for someone else.

I am scared, I am excited and I have a long way to go with proving myself. My husband is giving me a trial run. He knows the numbers are there, but can I make it consistent? Again, we shall see.

Stay tune. So much has yet to unravel and I am coming in strong and swinging hard!

Batter up!

Do not give up!

Reselling will ALWAYS have its ups and downs no matter what. The key to overcome this is to continue to be consistent. Consistently list, consistently share, consistently be active. Work hard, play hard, get rewarded is the name of the game. Focus on the end goal and it will pay off.

May madness!

Good morning! Happy Friday and happy 1st of May! What a roller coaster it has been over the past month! I feel like we entered an alternative universe and the old norm no longer exist! What is the deal, Lucille? 🧐

New month means new goals. April was good to me towards the end when I decided to get my act straight with reselling and put my couch potato skills to good use. Amid this pandemic the world is facing, I decided to quit listening to the news for many reasons including the sake of my health. Panic attacks are no longer part of my daily routine where my husband constantly has to calm me down. Positive energy is the best vitamin for me.

I get my daily dose of my awesome group of reseller friends. Homeschooling with my son has been so fun. Even I am learning something new!

Life in the quarantine world is good. This home body gal is going to make things happen!

Because going out thrifting is not available. I went online shopping and invested some of my money into some good quality inventory to curate my poshmark closet, which is what I’ve been focusing on since the beginning of the year. By invested, I mean I paid up. And by paid up, I mean I spent some serious buku. None of which came from my stimulus check, of course! 😏🤨

I created yet another set of goals for May, one which I am proud to achieve because I discovered the power of waking up early and accomplishing It all before 9:00 am. Ok, so it’s no discovery. Not a morning person? No need to be. If 5:00 am is too early, try 6, 7 or 8 am. Whatever time you can get in to be alone at peace where you can focus on your tasks.

I have a wild four year old child and knowing him, his wake up time is around 8:30 am. Which means, I need to get up between 5:00-5:30 to get my day started which includes a nice warm cup of lemon water, some poshing, relisting, working out, shipping out packages, some good reading, and a delicious cup of joe.

Whatever you can do to get your day done to feel one ounce of accomplishment is all it takes. Give it a try and you will feel great before the day even gets started. A food for thought because I appreciate you. I appreciate you reading this and wish nothing but the best for each and every one of you.

You’ve got this! 💪🏼