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I am very excited to hit a milestone in the average selling price department. Since I steered reselling this past May, the average selling price of my items went from $8 to $19. Now it’s hit $24 since I started getting a bit more picky with each item I purchase.

When I started sourcing, I was very overwhelmed and unsure on what item to sell and what style of clothing I want to create for my store and poshmark closet.

Even though I have only been reselling for less than a year, anyone that is out there looking to start reselling, below are some tips and pointers that I gave myself moving forward into the new year.

Tip #1: Do your homework and narrow down the type of items you would like to sell. Preferably one that sells well for you. For me, it’s items like Lucky Brand, J. Jill, Talbots, Calvin Klein, Anthropologie and Ann Taylor. It’s nice to sell pants, dresses, skirts, shoes and everything under the sun. But if you don’t like reselling pants, you will not enjoy listing them. Find what you are interested in reselling and focus on that. You will eventually expand your style once you get the hang of things!

Tip #2: Once you’ve figured out what sells for you, stick to the formula and run with it! Continue to expand and educate yourself in brands. I have already found a few brands that I have up for sale, where the comps are just phenomenal. I am already grateful that I even found these items and to be able to sell them? What? That is already a crazy ride on it’s own!

Tip #3: Don’t feel discouraged! Yes, it happens. Yes, you may feel disappointed in yourself, or feel afraid that things are not selling, but if you continue to source and list at your own pace, you will reach your goal. For me, I source once a week. I am lucky if I can source twice a week. My strategy is always the same: I source once a week and I photograph and list twice a week. I’m not where I am as far as income goals, but with a steady pace, patience and stride, I know I can get through this.

Tip #4: HAVE FUN! The social media platforms is filled with helpful tips and reseller vets helping reseller rookies, like myself! Make it fun and it will never feel like work! At least, that is what I am striving for. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, as well.

Tip #5: Surround yourself with like minded people. How many times have you heard this saying? Well, newsflash, my friend, it’s true! Surrounding yourself with like minded people will only push you forward. Inspiration is great, but only you can make things happen. Talk all you want about it! Calculate figures on what you will “supposedly” make all you want, but if that item is not up for the world to see, and it’s sitting on your death pile, then you’ve got nothing. Make it happen!

I know it’s not much, but that is what I have going on for me at this moment. I don’t know how many YouTube videos I’ve watched about poshmark and making sales. I figured, why not try every possible trick out there? Time and patience is what is going to win the race. (The race with yourself, keep that in mind). Everyone is different and unique and that’s why this community is amazing and wonderful to share tips, tricks and trade secrets.

I hope you find value in this. It’s something I am sticking to for a while. It seems to be working.

Until then!

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