6:00 a.m thoughts!

Hey all!

First of all, where did August go? 😟😳

I sat down and wrote down my goals for this month and made some minor moves in hopes that it will make major changes for me in the future.

You need to have goals. For me, goals are written down on my notebook and placed on my desk where I can see it every day. Whenever I feel like I am back sliding or feel the need to self sabotage, I read my goals out loud. It not only brings me back to my state of mind, but it also calms my nerves, and the feeling of “this was a mistake going full time” attitude.

Reselling is an emotional roller coaster! It truly is. As much as we all help each other out, we all have our tips and tricks that will allow us to excel in our business.

Do not get distracted. There are plenty of distractions in this world already. Focus on your goal and keep your eye on the prize.

Need to take a break? Take a break. Regroup and then tackle your task once again!

Find a thinking place. You know where your happy place? Great! Now find a thinking place. My thinking place is my bike ride. Great, creative ideas will start to flow once you get into that mindset.

Create a business plan and guess what? It’s ok to make changes. Feel like you need to take it to the next level? Great! That’s where I am at. It’s scary, and it feels uncomfortable but it’s something I need to do to take move up.

Meditate or just be still. Appreciate the sounds around you in the great outdoors. It’s another great way to come back from and tackle the day strong.

Coffee. Need I say more?

Consistency. As long as you’re moving forward at whatever pace suits you best, you are making progress.

Be humble and give back. A lesson from karma that I will never forget.

My mind feels more calm and at ease writing down my thought process for the day. I hope this brings you value in any way, shape or form. Not just in reselling but also in life.

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