$500 weekend. my strategy.

After a busy three day weekend, I managed to make $500 for the first time ever! No magic spells or secret sauce.

This was my Poshmark strategy:

• focus on an item you enjoy reselling

• check out the market and do your research. Check out blogs, or any trending sites and see what’s hot in style and what is selling well. 🔥

• get out there in the wild and find that item or something similar, but still on trend and selling well. Make sure you want to make 3-4x for the item you are purchasing to resell.

• check comps! check comps! check comps! 💰 check out items that sold and also click on ‘just in’ so you know when it was sold last and/or how fast your hot cakes are selling for.

• take great photographs

• give the item a proper title for top rank visibility! 👀 👀

• Brand/Color/Item/Size

• give detail descriptions

• have a competitive reselling price- make sure you have room to negotiate and still come out in the positive.

• offer 10% off and discounted shipping to buyers that like your item.

• make the sale! Pack em and ship em!

Hope you find some value in this blog. These are just SOME of many strategies out there, but discretion: this is what has worked for me over the past month since I changed my strategy.

Let me know if you have any awesome strategies you would like to share. Feel free to DM me on Instagram.

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