30 Minutes away from your phone

I spent one week away from my phone for 30 minutes. Can you do it? Can you start off with just 30 minutes a day for a week without counting down the seconds to reconnect back with your phone?
Spending 30 minutes to just unplug from the social media is not only gratifying, but it’s also good for the soul! Can you commit to this 30 minute phone free challenge? 

Between 6-7pm is when I’m on my phone the most! It’s after I get home from a long day and it’s before dinner. 7-10 I’m feeding my son, giving him a bath, playing with him, reading him a book or two and then putting him down to bed by 9-9:30 and between all this, with any given chance that I get, I manage to get on my phone like glue! Then the full time cycle starts over from 9:30-11pm, sometimes 11:30-12am! 
Ok- I have to admit: this was difficult at first and I did lose the challenge. It was my drug! I needed my phone.. NOW! So on Monday I failed the challenge from 6-6:30. I lasted 15 minutes! I started over from 6:35-7:05 and I barely made it! I watched the clock on the wall (sadly not my phone) as the big hand made it to that 5! 

Tuesday was not so bad because I ended up distracting myself with a book to read which I ended up finishing by Friday. I survived the set time of 6-6:30 and more! 

I read “We’re all damaged” by Matthew Norman. It was very engaging which distracted me from grabbing my phone to check Pinterest and instagram (my two go to apps!) 
Wednesday through Friday I lasted one hour without my phone. I went for walks with my son, watched my husband fish, had an awesome conversation with my mom and my sisters face to face! (Yes, this still exist!) I also sat in silence which literally cleared my mind!

At one point, I thought I lost my phone, but surprisingly did not panic like an overdramatic teenager that I am sometimes. 

So can you handle this? Share something that you’ve sacrificed and what you did to accomplish your end goal! I’m moving on to phase two (I’d like to call it) and trying two hours without my phone. Let’s hear it folks! 

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