summer slow down thoughts

Let’s face it, folks! The summer slow down is real and there is no denying that we are not making fire sales this month in July. It’s a struggle that I face whenever I make little to no sales while it feels like everyone around me is making it through the day with tons of sales. Why not me? What is wrong with my closet? Am I reselling the right items?

Simple answer to those questions is to STOP, I repeat, STOP comparing yourself to others! It can be extremely tough. Especially when you were constantly making sales one week and the next is near impossible to make at least one sale. Don’t let this get the best of you. Again, I repeat, DO NOT LET THIS GET THE BEST OF YOU!

Take this time to learn new brands or take some time off and spend it with the family. Learn a new skill, work out, cook, laugh, play read a book! Something to keep mentally strong and ready for tomorrow.

I have been doing all of that and it’s ok if I don’t make any sales today. It’s ok if I don’t reach my goal this week and this month. It’s ok. Keep a positive outlook on what is to come for you in the horizon. You will get there. Hang tight for the summer slow down!