Well folks, this morning, was my time to get the boot from work. It’s been surreal. With that said, I do plan on filing unemployment and I will be focusing more on poshmark and my reselling business until it’s time for me to go back to work elsewhere. This to me, is a blessing in disguise. I hope everyone rises from this twilight zone that this world is in.

As of March 27, 2020.

Pandemic: COVID-19

As we all quarantine ourselves in our homes on this very hard time our world is facing, I want to give my thoughts and prayers out to those affected by the coronavirus. It saddens me to hear that the world could not battle this fast enough and loved ones are dying. This pandemic has gotten real and I could not feel more paranoid.

For starters, I am already vulnerable to the virus. I have a rare lung condition that I have had under control since I was diagnosed over ten years ago. I fall under the CDC guideline where I am at risk to be around in an office environment (where I work) and possibly get sick with my low immune system.

Please follow the CDC guidelines and stay safe out there. I will have plenty to blog about in the future, but my health and my family’s health is my main priority right now.