An Affirmation Blog Post

Hey there!

Let’s talk about connecting with the universe and manifesting what you want when you want it. I am now a believer in manifesting your wants and desires. Within reason, of course. I had a rough week at work and the weekend couldn’t get here any faster. My job is very stressful and my affirmation notifications that I kept getting throughout the day just made my eyes roll a couple of times asking myself, “oh yeah? Money will come to me before I know it? Pshhhh!” Not one affirmation came to life with that negative Nancy tude I was feeding everyone.

I decided to later take a short break from the fires I’ve been putting out. I went for a walk and took in some deep breaths and reminded myself what I was thankful for and how lucky I am to be in this world. I was also hungry and didn’t bring my lunch. I was craving sushi which I know was going to cost me at least $16 for the meal, and it was cash I didn’t want to fork up that day. I decided to say out loud, during my walk, that I will make at least $20 profit on Poshmark that will pay for my meal.

Low and behold: before lunch time I had made $18 in profit. 😲 That’s fantastic, I thought. It’s no coincidence when your at peace with your mind and body to make things happen. That was something I sincerely struggled with when I started making money on poshmark and eBay. It was all a coincidence. Well, my friend, it’s not.

I ended up making $50 in profit that day. Which not only paid for my $18 (plus tip) lunch but it also paid for me and my son to go to Chuck E. Cheese for a bit and be a kid! 🤪

Today at work was what I thought the worse day. I wanted to pound my head on my desk from all these back and forth our team was having with the attorneys. (I work at a law firm).

Instead of wasting my time stressing out, I managed to take a peak at my phone to see this affirmation notification:

I said it out loud and knew that patience was going to be a virtue and that I need to be at peace with that. I told myself whether it’s today, tomorrow or whenever, I knew that reselling money was going to come tenfold.

Within an hour, in the middle of all the chaos at work, I get a $22 sale on eBay. Whooo-hooo! Thank you, universe.

Keeping the positive attitude going, I get this:

$300+ sale on Poshmark. What???

Then I get this: A buyer on poshmark decided a dress didn’t fit her so she wanted to return the item. No problem, I kindly direct her on how to get a refund. Long story long, she decides to keep it because she said I’m such a nice seller and a “super posher!” So she accepts the item and leaves a five star feedback. Cha-Ching! Another $24 profit.

I’ve been feeling so blessed today and so thankful for the universe, that I wanted to shout out from the rooftop!

You will have bad days, don’t get me wrong. But when you know you’re going to have those good days, make them count! You will be surprise what might happen to you.

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Happy New Year!

Hey all! Can you believe that 2020 is here? That’s amazing! I hope you all have accomplished everything you ever wanted to for 2019. I have so much room for growth in 2020 that I am beyond excited to just get started!

I’d like to set my goals for the year and what I have to live up to until December of 2020. To hold myself accountable, I’ll do a follow up every three months and check in.

2020 Goals:

1. See a Therapist- Self help books and audiobooks are to the point where they are going in one ear and out the other. Some mental tune up is something I need in my life right now. I’ve never been to therapy in my life, so this one is such a big deal.

2. No more pork! Yes, bacon can taste so delicious, but I am over pork. I do not want that in my body. I want to eat healthy and what better way to do it than to start eliminating the fat. (Literally!)

3. Purchase $500 worth of reselling items– I average about $150-$200 worth of reselling items so far and I want to double that this year by working smarter, not harder.

4. Join a business start up class– I need guidance if I want to grow and create my own reselling business. There is an Entrepreneur Collaborative Center in my area and I am constantly getting emails of scheduled dates for very informative workshops like Quickbooks for beginners, buying a franchise workshop, going into business workshop (which is what I want to do). If it wasn’t in the middle of the week at 11 a.m for some of these workshops, I would have been there already. But I will do it.

5. Travel– A few weeks ago, my family and I went on a four day cruise to Key West, Florida and to Nassau, Bahamas. It was great. Creating memories is my new cup of tea and I am thirsty for more! Last night on New Year’s Eve, my sister explained that she would rather spend money on experiences/ travel than clothes and material things. Funny, because I invest in clothes to resell to enjoy what life has to offer. What a full circle that convo was.

6. More date nights, please! I want more date nights with my husband. His work schedule is very hectic and I don’t see him often enough to sit down somewhere nice and have an adult conversation. Even when we have a one on one conversation, our son loves to join in and express his cute opinions and thoughts.

7. Girls Night– so we have date night, and we have girls night. Girls night can consist of me, my sisters and my mom. Or me and my friends. Or me and my new friends. Heck, it can even be girls day. Brunch has been my jam way before it was a cool thing!

8. Save $20k– I use where you can set goals for any amount for anything. Whether it’s a vacation, wedding, retirement, or remodeling your kitchen, is your site! (No, this is not an endorsement, smarty pig is not paying me to say this.) I used smarty pig to save up $500 by December 2019 for Christmas shopping and to accomplish that goal, every two weeks since January of 2019 $17 was automatically transferred to my Christmas 2019 goal. Doesn’t seem like much, right? It’s a pretty neat and brilliant way to manage big future goals by contributing a little bit. I am doing it again this year for Christmas 2020. I added a generic $20k Goal category and a Reselling Income category. For my reselling income category, I don’t have a set amount, I am just putting money in there and saving up six months worth of bills. It’s untouched and I want to touch it sooooooooo bad!

9. Clear out the clutter– A lot of people that know me personally, know that I am a minimalist. Ironically, reselling clothes is what I enjoy so much, but having tons and tons of clothes personally, is what I do not have. I own less than 20 items and it brings joy to my life. Cleaning out unwanted items is something I need to do around our house again, whether I can resell it, or give it away to someone in need.

10. Work out- oh the famous I-am-going-to-the-gym-starting-the-New-Year attitude. And don’t forget the New-Year-new-me mantra you constantly hear and see. Well, guess what! If my stomach is not flat and my butt is in shape by May, then we have a problem, people because I am dedicating time for this and only this without a gym membership. If anyone has any great tips or videos on YouTube they would like to share, feel free to DM me on Instagram. (heysheenathrifts)

Well ladies and gents, this is it. If this at all brings any joy to your life or would like to give any of these resolutions a shot, go for it! Cheers to a wonderful New Year!