Ramping up!

Hey there! I’m back with awesome updates I have in store for me! I am removing over half of my items and starting over from nearly scratch. My entire game plan was to have more items and quantity was key! Then I realized that I was working a bit harder to ramp up my quantity and not so much paying attention to quality. Even though I have become a bit more pickier with each item I am picking up at thrift stores, I sometimes pick up a bit of the bread and butter items as well. No harm no foul, but I am going to be staying away from all of that and stick to quality over quantity and be A LOT more pickier than ever before. My game plan for 2020 is to completely revamp my poshmark closet and create a more capsule wardrobe for my customers. I am super stoked and can’t wait to complete my capsule poshmark closet!