Learning from my mistakes

It has been a crazy past few weeks for me. I decided to order three thredUP bags within the past month and purged through over 100 unwanted items. A lot of of the items I got rid of made me wish I had gotten rid of it a long time ago.

I’ve been MIA and under the radar to gather my thoughts, meditate, work out, eat healthy, resell part time, work full time, be a wife and a mommy all at the same time! I’ve been in and out of working out. One day I am feeling inspired and ready to rock the day and another day I feel like a sack of potato eating….uh.. well, potato chips. Just like I have with reselling, metaphorically. I didn’t give up, I didn’t quit or throw in the towel. I am just not giving it 100%.

I will say that I feel really good about the clean out. It even lead me to clean out other places in my house like my make up area in my bathroom. Any unwanted make up and face products I did not need went straight into the garbage. Feeling so refreshed!

The extra space I’ve created in my office will allow me to purchase items that I will enjoy reselling as opposed to dwelling on them. I’ve learned this the hard way, for sure. Moral of the story: purchase items that you enjoy/love.

I will also be re-vamping the space area soon. I can’t wait, I have so many ideas! I’ve been daydreaming about the extra space I need in my office for a while now. Baby steps! Baby steps!

Make things happen!

You are a boss!

You’ve got this!