March Madness

Hey there

Time is going by really fast and we are already towards the end of March! My goal for each month is to list 100 items. If I’m lucky and find 25-30 pieces a week, I will be set!

Reality: life happens and it’s not always all about thrifting, listing and shipping. It’s about keeping your sanity and figuring out a great balance between your priorities. I don’t ever find 25-30 items a week since I got extremely picky with the items I purchase that I know will sell well.

My priority right now is family. I’ve been meaning to work on my flower bed and was able to get it going these past few days and with the help of my son and husband, we were able to get some plants after pulling out all the weeds and now all we have to do is plant them.

I also got an email from my local thrift store that yesterday and today they were doing another 50% off all clothing and shoes aside from their weekly 50% off on all clothing and shoes as well. DO YOU KNOW HOW TEMPTING THAT WAS FOR ME NOT TO GO? I was itching inside to go, but didn’t.

I still need to work on my death pile from Wednesday anyway. On top of all these priorities I have going aside from reselling, my husband and I are looking for a venue to have a wedding. We eloped and would like to have a small gathering with close family and friends. We’ve looked at two venues for now and I have to say, the bargain hunter in me is making this venue hunting a bit of breeze.

So the take away from all of this is simple: stay cool, keep your sanity and don’t feel discourage if you can’t accomplish your goals. It’s ok to have a few set backs. It’s ok to be tired from being under the sun all day, coming home to a messy house, exhausted as hell knowing you have a death pile sitting in your office that needs to be taken care of. It’s ok! There is tomorrow. Rest. Relax. Life happens! It’s not an excuse to be lazy, it’s a reality check letting you know that it’s ok.

It’s ok.

Plans for the Future

Hey there!

I wanted to blog about my eBay and poshmark journey, which I have been meaning to for a while now. Perceptions change when you realize that your extra cash for coffee for selling things around your house has snow balled into reinvesting that coffee money into thrifting money, which is not only paying for your coffee, but also your bills.

Hmmm…. let’s discuss:

I started reselling items around my house in April of 2018. Lucky for me, I have had my eBay account since 2006 with about 100 positive feedbacks. Mainly for purchase. Household items were my go to on eBay. Didn’t really purchase clothing, because on December 2017, I had minimized my wardrobe to about 20 pieces when I decided to become a minimalist.

So flash forward to July 2018, when I really started to resell items for $10-$15, with a $4-$7 profit. Didn’t see it coming, but I enjoyed the hunt for the good stuff and reselling them for a fair, decent profit. It’s so much fun and so therapeutic. This is my hobby, my thrill!

If and when the profits meet my monthly income or more, I will definitely consider quitting my job to resell full time. I honestly didn’t think it was possible to be a reseller full time until I stepped into the reseller world. So inspiring and motivating.

Until then!