Time to get picky, picky, picky!

Hey there!

I am excited to announce that I have found the style of clothing and brands that are selling extremely well for me. Everyone is different and everyone has a type of clothes they enjoy selling. On a rare occasion, I’ll pick up shoes, but that is one of my least favorite items to sell on eBay and poshmark. Pants/Jeans are probably my number one least item to sell. I don’t have the patience to dissect every pair of jeans at my local thrift store. It’s too monotonous and I am going to be real with ya, it’s boring as heck!

What do I love selling the most, you ask? Ha! It’s dresses! I love the prints, the style, the colors, everything! At first, like most people when reselling for the first time, I did not know what Tweed, sheath, shift dresses are. Not to mention: Knee Length, Short Length, maxi dresses, strapless, and Cowl Neck, etc, etc. The list is still going on and on and I am hanging in there and memorizing these styles and types of adorable dresses that I just truly enjoy selling.

Tops like blouses, jackets and sweaters are great finds as well. I also enjoy the thrill of finding the best tops for the great price and reselling value.

I recently marked down my items on poshmark to $5 on items that have not worked well for me reselling wise. It’s a huge lost I am willing to take at $2.05 a pop on each item, but I am pushing these out the door for basically free to make room for what makes me happy to resell. I was buying random tops and dresses that I didn’t think was cute, thinking someone else will like them… I’ve come a long way and I sure have learned my lesson! Making mistakes is part of the journey.

Everybody is different with reselling and continue to resell those shoes and jeans if that is earning you the big bucks! Don’t let anyone bring you down! Connect with people that will lift your spirits up and find that style of clothing that works for you.

A milestone worth blogging and to look back on again to see how far I’ve come. Nine months into reselling, and it’s only getting better!

Test Drive

Looking to see if I can pay my bills moving forward with my poshmark and eBay earnings. I will not be including consumer debt and thrifting cost, because I am still figuring things out and how I will make it work. Let’s test drive this baby for the month of February. Stoked!