Hello Fall!

I just love wearing plaid in the Fall to complete the weather appropriate attire! With that being said, I’ve thrifted a couple of cute plaid button down here in sunny Florida, where it’s hot almost 24/7. I’m excited for the weather to finally drop and snuggle up with my hubby and son under the covers and drink hot coco.

My Instagram is currently flooded with PoshFest in Dallas, and I am so excited for everyone that went. I am hoping to one day go and meet a lot of girls that have inspired me to pursue this amazing passion.

This past week I’ve messaged a few ladies who have inspired me from the beginning of my journey and picked their brain a bit on what it’s like to resell full time. They have all given me different responses but at the end of day, they have all given me the same response, which is: “I love what I do!” and that to me is the best advice they have given me.

Loving what you do will continue to fuel that fire inside you to do whatever it takes to succeed. I admire that 100%.