Simple Habit

After trying several meditation apps and even meditation podcast which I have discussed on a blog post, simple habit seems to be the one! I have been using simple habit for about a month now with a 20 day streak special moment badge. 

What I truly love about this app is that you have options for a five, ten or 20 minutes to meditate when you’re on the go. It’s all at your pace and of course, at your time. Because my life right now is so much on the go, I’ve been doing five minute meditations. 
There are thousands of teachers from all around the world and hundreds of different types of meditation categories to choose from. Here is a photo of what it looks like when you begin and don’t exactly know where to start. 

Once you’re acclimated with a few meditations, browsing for a more specific type of category wouldn’t be so difficult since there are tons! I’m using the free version because I’m already overwhelmed with what is being offered. Paying for it would ironically cause me anxiety (in a good way, I guess) browsing through the many different ways to meditate by finding happiness or even to calm the hell down!

It was neat to learn that there are plenty of ways to meditate, which included having a gratitude notebook which I already have. As I’m writing down five things I am grateful for, I’m also appreciating solitude and silence more than ever.  It is seriously not all about ohms, closing your eyes and completely clearing your mind. You have the option to walk around, calming back down before speaking to a crowd, sitting in the car while actually experiencing the ride and realizing things you’ve never expected you’d ever notice. Check it out if you’re interested. 
What do I get out of this: unlimited access for two weeks if you sign up!

Check out my meditation milestones on Simple Habit! Join me and start meditating just 5 minutes a day: 

I hope this was informative and helpful! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to shoot me a message in any of my social media platform! 


It’s time to pack! Our home is almost finished with the reno and I decided to pack about four weeks early. I ended up throwing away a bunch of stuff more than packing. Nevertheless, it felt great to pack. The parents, sister and nephew are going to Ecuador tomorrow for two weeks which means more time to pack and clean our bedroom. I am beyond excited and ready to finally make this move! What’s awesome about packing is that it’s not that difficult or stressful when you have the bare essentials!