Homemade body salve

For a 4oz container, Take a measuring cup and add 3/4 cup of 100% bees wax along with two teaspoon of organic coconut oil. Use heat plate or microwave to heat bees wax and coconut oil for 1-2 minutes until liquid. Add about 3-4 drops of neroli/orange blossom essential oil or until desired scent. Freeze for about an hour. Enjoy! 

All items can be purchased on amazon which will last you a long time. Plastic container was reused from a lush product. I prefer a glass container, but this worked out perfectly as well. I use this on my feet which are as soft as my baby son’s feet, elbows, hands, arms, legs, shoulders and neck! I don’t use it on my face because my face is very sensitive to scented products. I would maybe use it as a mask without the neroli essential oil. 

Hope you like it! Feel free to share any of your special daily lotions. More to come!