Back to the Basics

Hey guys!

It has been a while again. I have been going through some ups and downs in my life and felt a little off as far as my mental health goes. It was tough to get back to the basics which really and truly starts with a glass of water in the morning. The fact that I couldn’t even do that brought my mental state into somewhat of a depression and it felt as if I couldn’t crawl out of this hole I dug myself into.

Well now I am back. Back to the basics. I am back to finding myself and nurturing my body with good, healthy meals, I am back to working out and feel amazing afterwards and I am back to dominate the universe!

So here’s my blog post to accountability.


My Reselling Strategy

It’s been over a year since I took my reselling career into full time. Believe it or not, it wasn’t up until this past summer, where I had finally found my groove and finally started oiling my rusty reselling machine. I had no problem with organization, listing or anything like that. The issue was, I was not consistent or I didn’t plan my day correctly to the point where I would run out of time.

This time, I have given myself a schedule. It’s not strict, but it has pointed me to the right direction in where I want to be by the end of the day with my goals. It’s been working really well for me. My daily ritual consists of waking up between 6-6:30, getting my son ready for school by 7:30. By the time I am home by 8:00, I start my day.

On Mondays and Wednesdays I work out, shower, eat breakfast by 8:45. I make it to my local thrift store by 9-9:15 and 12 is the latest I can stay, depending on what I have sourced. I am home before 12:30 and I eat lunch and start ripping tags, steaming, photographing and listing whatever I can. By 2-2:30 at the latest I should be done.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t go thrifting until all my items are listed. I give myself until 2:00 to finish if I am still listing, depending on how many items I have to list, it would roll over to Thursday’s pile, which is rare if I have any. Fridays are my catching up on anything I need to do, errands, lunch out, or just taking the day off. I haven’t been as stress.

I also have time to read, go on longer walks, meditate, eat healthy, and spend time with my family. Full transparency: It is not always consistent, and things happen, but because I was able to develop this habit, I no longer feel like a chicken with my head cut off. I am back in the game you guys! 😅

Until then!

Let’s Get Our Groove Back!

It has been quite some time since I have blogged. The truth was, I got a little frustrated with blogging and my WordPress app kept acting up. I honestly didn’t want to deal with it. I am beating myself up about it now, because all it needed was an update. 🤦🏻‍♀️

My website is also not perfect. I have these floating widgets on the top right of my site that directs you to the wrong ig page. 😑 super frustrating, and my web design skills that I took my Junior year of high school was long gone forgotten.

Well, with all that being said, if you have been following my journey, thank you. Thank you for sticking around. If you haven’t seen the trend of my blog so far then you will know that I struggle with my mental health issues, and since January, I have been seeing a therapist. Therapy has helped me resolved underlying issues that I’ve had as a young child and has also made me realized so much more about myself and how I don’t need to be ashamed to be in therapy.

Here are some helpful tips if you or someone you know is struggling with mental health and what a lot it can do to your mood by taking it day by day.

1. Visualize positive outcomes – for me, this is a must or I will shut down and think the worse. I need to have this as my go-to. Let’s seize the day with a positive outlook!

2. Turn anxiety into progress- Instead of self sabotaging, just take a step back, breathe and do something that you can control. It’s not the progress you wanted, but it is progress.

3. Try something new – make time to try something new. This one is a struggle for me, but I’m going to give it my best to try something new at least twice a month, which I believe is absolutely reasonable! 😅

4. Reach out – Your loved ones are willing to hear you out. It’s always nice to talk to someone.

5. Practice positive self-tweeting- Give yourself more credit than you deserve. You are kind, beautiful, strong and worth it!

6. Immerse yourself in nature – taking a deep breath of fresh air can seriously change someone’s mood when feeling down, stress, angry or sad. Listen to the birds, observe Mother Nature at its finest.

That’s all I have for now. It truly is great to be back.

Until then!

January Sales- know your numbers!

Hey there!

How did everyone do with sales for the first month of the year? Hope it was great!

I was able to drastically bring up my sale through rate from 14% to 25%. I was super excited to see that number. It will give me such a boost for the next month in February.

Knowing your numbers is extremely important to me. It literally gives me a peace of mind. When you know your numbers, you can accurately set your goals for the next month and know what area you need to focus on.

To know your STR here are two steps:

divide the numbers of sales by the number of items you have.

For example 50 items sold divided by 100 items you have for sale.

1.) 50 / 100 = 0.5

2.) 0.5 x 100 = 50% <<<– your STR.

I will get back to this and actually make up a mock goal and show you what I do to figure out my numbers and what I would need to improve and/or focus on. I’ll bring up monthly goal and average sale price.

Until then!

Happy New Year!

Wow! A new year is already upon us, and what are your resolutions? What are your intentions for the new year? Are you using the new year to start fresh?

For me, every day I make sure to sit down in silence and just be grateful with what I have in front of me. This also gives me time with my thoughts and just an old fashion reflection time without any digital gadget of some sort. Kind of a daily meeting with myself, to envision it. I have also been meditating for the past four months. I have days where I struggle with my focus, but I always find at least ten minutes for meditation.

Reselling was just a big fat bust for me during Q4. I have honestly done so much better over the summer than I have all year. It’s so wild!

Today, I said goodbye to my 2020 spreadsheet where I track down all my inventory, daily sales, and monthly outlook and said hello to my new and improve 2021 sales spreadsheet.

My office is wonderful. It not only gives me peace and quiet for myself, but I have been able to stay focus on my reselling much better than before.

Whatever your resolutions are, whether it’s great health, wealth, world peace or all of the above, I wish you all a happy new year. A time to conquer your fears, a time to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and a time to expand your learning and evolve into something greater.

You’ve got this!


Let’s do this 2021!

November Blues

Hey guys! 👋🏼

What a month it has been so far!

Fourth quarter took a huge dump on me this year and it just feels like I’m still climbing up this hill with no end in sight. It’s an uphill battle I am willing to conquer and at this point in my business, there is no looking back.

Meditation again, has helped me a lot. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or defeated, I tune in and clear my head and let my breathing take control. It helps me focus on what is more important in my life by realizing that spilled milk is just spilled milk. There are things you have no control over.

But let’s talk about what is really on my mind.


Sales are slow. Sales are so slow, it’s having me reevaluate my business in more ways than one. What can I do to make it better? What can I do to push items out? What is selling well? What are people buying? Is my description enough? Is this a good brand?

Questions I need to keep in mind when sourcing properly. I have been sourcing very carefully. Especially when you give yourself a set allowance twice a month. I’ve been very particular with how I want my closet curated. Poshmark, specifically.

Know what you want. Write them down. Set goals for yourself. Even if you don’t accomplish them the same day, shoot for the next day. Don’t feel defeated. At the end of the day, you can only blame yourself. So why fight it? Why beat yourself up?

Take control. If not now, then when?

October’s Motto

“Focus on the big picture. Judge results by overall growth rather than the daily ups and downs. This will help keep your mood in check and create balance for you and ultimately reflect in your business”

Headspace + September Outlook

Running your own business can be detrimentally exhausting. You are a one wo(man) show and it’s up to you to bring home the bacon, per say.

This week my family and I are spending some time at the beach. Some quality time to clear your head. But how do you turn your brain off? How do you stop thinking about your business to the point where it’s stressful? Questions I asked myself while starring into the gulf with my four year old son. Looking at him, and thinking to myself I don’t want to fail you! How do you handle that?

This afternoon, while my son took his nap, I looked for ways and even tried listening to some spa music. Music I have listened to so many times only to come back to my stress when it’s over. I needed something more. I needed to declutter my stress.

That’s when I turned to headspace. I downloaded the app to guide me through my day to day grind. Handling it on my own just built up more stress in my life to the point where I feel the need to nag or complain when there is nothing left to nag and complain about. 🤨

Headspace so far is calming. From the second I tuned in, I knew this was something that I needed.

What I am hoping to achieve for the month of September is to focus on what is good for my business and shift towards it. Whenever I shift into something that I know is good for me, I self sabotage. Who doesn’t? I take it for granted. I don’t focus.

My accomplishment that I made in the past week was managing my inventory and creating a catalog for it. I haven’t felt so accomplished in my business in a long time. It was something I truly needed.

September is going to open my eyes to greater things and I am ready to take that leap with a clear and fresh perspective.

Feel free to share your goals with me on instagram. My username is heysheenathrifts

Hope this brings some value into your life.

Until then!

Inventory System

I started an inventory system yesterday and it was definitely a must. If I am planning to grow my inventory, I need a system where I can find each item without having to look in three places. My organize chaos was no longer going to cut it.

I did not invent this system, but it works for me. Try it out if you’d like!

Step 1:

Pull your inventory report from poshmark.

Step 2:

Copy and paste your inventory to a spreadsheet. I use google spreadsheet.

Create a master copy to add the entire inventory. Open up another tab to keep a small track of bins A-B or A-C (however you’d like to modify)

Step 3:

Filter out the master spreadsheet by category and then by size. That way, it’s much simpler to separate all the shirts/tops, sweaters, pants and jackets. (The spreadsheet below is under tab BIN A-B)

Step 4:

Use the SKU column to your advantage and enter your bin/location information your item.

Aside from searching for the item and placing them in the proper bin, there is really nothing to it. My shoes will remain in the same bin, since I do not have a lot of shoes. I am still working on it, and I am stoked! Please note that this will pay off in the long run!

Moving forward, I will be typing in the SKU in its proper spot on poshmark.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I am also learning as I go, but so far so good.

Hope this helps!