Roller Coaster

It has truly been a roller coaster of emotions balancing my part time reselling gig, full time job, full time mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. Wedding is in one week and it’s now taking it’s stressful toll on me after planning it for over six months. I’m slacking off every chance I get and I am not proud of it. I miss reselling, I truly do! I just haven’t had the heart and energy to do so at this time. 😫 I keep telling myself I’m going to do it and the next thing I know: my energy is low and all of a sudden, I don’t have the time. The struggle is real, you all! It really is. I’m hoping to find that fire in me again once this week is over and I am back on the reselling saddle. Venting on my blog has helped me cope with this discouraging feeling I’ve had and the truth is, I am doing this to myself and I will come back swinging when the time is right. Until then, keeping my head up. I can’t wait to celebrate this amazing evening with my husband. Cheers!


It’s been quite some time since I’ve blogged and I’m sorry! I have a lot on my plate in my personal life besides thrifting and sharing my tips and tricks on my blog. I have been planning a wedding the past few months. My husband and I have been married for four years now (civil) and it was time to have a wedding celebration we both always wanted to have. It’s going to be a very simple wedding but even with that, it comes with stress and mental exhaustion. Other news… sourced some items for the first time since I last blogged.

I am excited and proud that my average selling price has drastically gone up. I even got my first host pick on the Lumier by Bariano Green off Shoulder dress! In the words of Ross Gellar from the show ‘Friends’: How cool is that???!

Good things are happening in the reseller world for me. I have gotten pickier and wiser with what I’m sourcing. I saved some hot commodity items on Poshmark that have pretty clutch ROI; and to be honest: I am only putting in about 20-30% effort into my business (hence the title of this blog). Sales are good but they could be better. Managing and dedicating more time into Poshmark is the key and a must do for the week.

Make great sales and happy poshing!

Learning from my mistakes

It has been a crazy past few weeks for me. I decided to order three thredUP bags within the past month and purged through over 100 unwanted items. A lot of of the items I got rid of made me wish I had gotten rid of it a long time ago.

I’ve been MIA and under the radar to gather my thoughts, meditate, work out, eat healthy, resell part time, work full time, be a wife and a mommy all at the same time! I’ve been in and out of working out. One day I am feeling inspired and ready to rock the day and another day I feel like a sack of potato eating….uh.. well, potato chips. Just like I have with reselling, metaphorically. I didn’t give up, I didn’t quit or throw in the towel. I am just not giving it 100%.

I will say that I feel really good about the clean out. It even lead me to clean out other places in my house like my make up area in my bathroom. Any unwanted make up and face products I did not need went straight into the garbage. Feeling so refreshed!

The extra space I’ve created in my office will allow me to purchase items that I will enjoy reselling as opposed to dwelling on them. I’ve learned this the hard way, for sure. Moral of the story: purchase items that you enjoy/love.

I will also be re-vamping the space area soon. I can’t wait, I have so many ideas! I’ve been daydreaming about the extra space I need in my office for a while now. Baby steps! Baby steps!

Make things happen!

You are a boss!

You’ve got this!

We become what we think about

Hey there! Let’s discuss another topic that’s been on my mind… yet again. After all, what is this blog for anyway?

I’ve been getting the case of the social media envy and I’ve briefly discussed this throughout my blog and how important it is to continue to do your thing and to not compare your level one to someone’s level 50.

Behind the scene of all this envy, there is this voice inside my head telling me I really need to get it together. If I want to make it to where I want to be, I need to make it happen. What benefits am I going to get lollygagging at someone’s instagram account, wishing I was shipping out 100 packages? Yup! Nothing! It’s all up to you to pep talk yourself out of this funk.

If you continue to think negatively about your business model and wish that you had someone else’s business model and are constantly second guessing yourself, then you will continue to just stand there and think that way. Nothing will get accomplished when you are making up excuses for yourself and thinking that your reasons are valid about how over saturated this path can be. Throw some caution to the wind and take a small risk or two. I know I have, and believe me, I am waiting for the payoff. (Gotta be patient!)

I am clearing out over 100 items that I feel will not benefit my resell business in the long run, and cutting it out for good just left a small void for me and made me wonder “now what?” It’s a process that I need to embrace and remind myself that this is all going to be good for me in the long run. Again, only you know what’s best!

I am currently on vacation and it has made me think a lot about what I want to do when I get home and what I want to accomplish. I have a gorgeous view of Central Park and New York City in front of me and it can’t feel anymore encouraging! I hope that everyone out there can find their why, their reason, their motivation to keep doing what they love and to keep doing it with that fire still burning inside.


Hey there! I wanted to discuss some things that has been bothering me a bit. With today’s technology, everyone has access to everything literally at their fingertips. From clothes to food, to cars and pets, you can order them all online! We are moving at lighting speed. So what if you have items sitting in your closet for over a year and you just can’t take it anymore wondering if it’s going to sell or not? My OCD kicked in the past two days for sure and did nothing but purge out the old and got extremely (EXTREMELY) picky with items I will be reselling moving forward. So far, I have over 100 items that are going into a thredUP bag and cutting my loses with whatever I get in return.

The thing is, I want it done now! I want my bag, I want all 100+ items in that bag and processed and I want it now! I want it now! I. Want. It. Now! I’m so impatient and I’m so annoyed with this death pile of clothes that is waiting for its ride to thredUP. I need to be patient and I need to breathe and keep calm and collective. I’m a very rational person for the most part but when it comes to things that are out of my control, I can’t help but get anxious. I am going to practice to be patient and hope things all work out in the end.

For the month of June, I decided to do something different with my thrifting hauls. Decided to pay up a bit more for higher end items, and did extra research, figuring out not only if the items are a good brand, but also asking myself if it’s a brand that’s in demand. I think every 2-3 months, I will review my inventory and purge out items that are not selling well. It’s given me a bit more breathing room and also more room for more inventory in the future. I still have some items that I will keep but will never purchase again. I am done ranting, this was all something I needed to get off my chest. Now I can sleep. That’s all folks!

Thrift Store Tips from a Rookie

Hey guys! Thought I’d share some tips from a rookie reseller! I have been reselling part time for over a year now and I can tell you, I’ve come a long way. I can still literally look back at the bottom of my storage bins and find items that are still sitting around that hasn’t sold from being overzealous and buying whatever I can get my hands on under the thrift store sun. Well, don’t do what I did, please, I beg you!

Once you know what to look for at the thrift store, it will make things a bit easier. Especially when you start to know what items sell well for you!

Here are five tips on how you turn a profit from your thrift store finds:

1. Do your research! Something I did not do when I went ham at my local goodwill store. Checking online is the best way to do this. Find out what sold when you see an item that you have thoughts about reselling. Poshmark and eBay are a reliable barometer for selling prices on items. If the item is worth it, snag it!

2. Take advantage of discount days! My local thrift store has 50% off all items on Wednesdays, another thrift stores has 50% off clothes every second Thursday and this boutique I go to is 50% off clothes every first Thursday-Saturday. Most goodwill stores has tags with the color of the week and are marked 50% off as well. Try to go on those days, so that you can buy super low clothes to sell super high. Can I get a cha-Ching? Tip: High end locations are your best bet too!

3. When thrifting- contain yourself when you find that unicorn item! If you find a very expensive item, make sure it is authentic. The last thing you want to sell is a fake! Save that for Regina George. However, If you find an item that is an absolute yes, make sure there are no holes, rips and/or stains. It sucks when my dresses have holes, rips and/or stains.

4. Keep track of your thrift spendings! Find out what you are buying for how much, what it is selling for and your profit. Ive been keeping my receipts since the beginning of the year. Until I find a trustworthy system, bet your bottom dollar I am doing this old school. Your bookkeeping will thank you in the long run. You’re welcome.

5. Have fun! Don’t compare yourself to other resellers. Everyone is at their own pace. I know from experience that it can be discouraging. Don’t give up. If this is something you truly enjoy and can see yourself doing this, whether it’s a hobby, part time or full time, have fun! Don’t burn yourself out.

I hope this helped! I am not an expert and I am not a reseller guru, but I am learning. If you have any special tips you’d like to share, please do so on my instagram at heysheenathrifts.

PicTapGo App

Hey guys! What a difference this app makes on my photos that I take with natural lighting. I use the lights on filter and it just brightens up the photo by 100x. Check this out:

Now the question is… should I still get a light kit?

May oh May!

Hey there! How about those May sales? I did pretty good considering the zero sale days I’ve had. Again, numbers do not lie!

June is expected to be slow, since its now the summer season. My goal for this month is to review my listings and perhaps change them up a bit for buyers to search them. I am also a little bit beside myself on the items that I got the first time I started reselling part time last year. They are now $5 on my poshmark closet and I can’t wait to get rid of them! I am sure there are resellers out there that have pieces galore that they wish they never picked up. Oh goodness!

Let’s stay positive (cliché to say) and keep making things happen! I will be the first person to raise my hand and say I was not feeling positive in May. Not only did I have zero sale days, but I also had no luck sourcing at my local thrift store. I say hello to the same workers I see every week and finally added at the end of my hello that it was slim pickings and how my cart had barely anything in it. I don’t want to be that bump on a log, but it happens. I am human, I am riding this roller coaster of emotions as a part time reseller.

Let’s go, June!

Slow Days

Since May has started, my sales have been inconsistent. Two days in a row I would not have any sales. Then one day, I’m flooded with five to six sales all from one platform or both! It’s the reseller roller coaster we are all riding, people! Up, down, slow and steady.

During this slow and steady time, I am giving myself the opportunity to educate myself more on brands to expand my bolo list. I am also going to be extra proactive on poshmark by sharing more, listing more and evaluating the best items that sell on poshmark.

Never be discourage during the drout. It will all be worth it at the end if you stay focus on what you want!

April Wisdom

Hey there!

I can’t believe we are already in May! This is insane! My best month yet for the year (ever so far) is still March, but I did pretty decent for April, without even realizing it. For April, I made almost $60 in net sales a day. That’s crazy considering all these low ball offers I’ve accepted on poshmark and low cost items that sold on eBay.

One thing is for sure though: NUMBERS DO NOT LIE! and I am grateful for the consist sales I’ve had since January. Even though I still feel like a rookie seller, the one thing I will keep in mind and share with others is to be consistent. I don’t list every day like some resellers because I don’t source daily or enough to last me a week. I mass list all my items between 1-2 days and then I go back out there in the wild the next week to source.

Whatever works for you, do it. We all have our own routine and it’s amazing how many people out there share their daily task and how they do things, but the truth is, you have got to have that fire inside you to keep going, and keep going at your own pace. You will get there. You will thrive. You will succeed.